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Q: What is the VET Practitioner Resource and where can I find it?

The VET Practitioner Resource draws on VOCEDplus, NCVER products and external links to present a range of information, both free and for purchase, designed to support VET practitioners in their teaching and assessment practice and in undertaking research.

The VET Practitioner Resource is available at: https://www.voced.edu.au/vet-practitioner-resource. From the VOCEDplus home page, the VET Practitioner Resource can be accessed from the Our resources section or the Resources menu.


Q: How can I get an idea of what is in the VET Practitioner Resource?

To get an overview of the topics and which page they are located on, click on the 'Guide to Navigating the VET Practitioner Resource' on the VET Practitioner Resource home page. The major sections of the resource are hyperlinked to make it easier for you to get straight to what you are looking for.


Q: Why are some items 'for purchase’ and others 'free'?

The decision to include examples of 'for purchase' resources was made as these resources have generally been designed to be compliant with VET sector regulatory requirements. Those listed are examples only and are not endorsed by NCVER.

Free resources are often more difficult to find and including both is an attempt to provide a more balanced selection for those using the resource.


Q: I know of a useful resource. Can I suggest it be included on the VET Practitioner Resource?

Yes, suggestions from practitioners and producers of resources add value and depth to the resource. There is a Feedback and suggestions option on the VET Practitioner Resource home page.


Q: Can I use the 'My Selection' tool with the VET Practitioner Resource?

The VET Practitioner Resource contains links to items in the VOCEDplus database as well as to other useful resources and information. Items in the VOCEDplus database can be added to 'My Selection', however information and resources that link to other websites cannot be added to 'My Selection'.

For more information about the 'My Selection' tool, view the 'VOCEDplus search results' user guide on the 'Help' page.


Q: The link I clicked on is broken. How can I access a copy of this item?

Please use the Feedback and suggestions option on the VET Practitioner Resource home page to let us know the details of the broken link. We will do our best to make the item available, either via the VOCEDplus repository if appropriate or via an updated publisher's URL/link. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee availability for every item on the VET Practitioner Resource as not all items are housed in the VOCEDplus repository and for those we have made available via a publisher's website, we may be unable to find an updated URL/link.