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Policy initiatives

Policy initiatives timeline

The Timeline of Australian VET policy initiatives 1998-2022 presents 25 years of the national, state and territory programs, policy initiatives and economic events.

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Program delivery

An introduction to national, state and territory skills lists, apprenticeships, skills recognition, equity, career guidance and VET delivered to secondary students.

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Government bodies

Authorities, bodies, entities and agencies established under statute by the state and territory governments to support the training system.

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Budget highlights

Overviews of funding allocations that relate to skills and training announced each year in the Commonwealth, state and territory budgets.

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COVID-19 announcements

The measures introduced by the Australian, state and territory governments to mitigate the impact of, and promote the economic recovery from, the pandemic.

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Inquiries and reviews

A collection of inquiries initiated by the Australian, state and territory governments on aspects of the VET sector with links to the publications in VOCEDplus.

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