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Q: What is the VET Knowledge bank?

The VET Knowledge Bank is one of a number of value-added resources produced by NCVER's Knowledge Management branch. It contains a suite of complementary products that together provide a collected memory of reference information about Australia's vocational education and training system.


Q: How do I find the VET Knowledge Bank?

The VET Knowledge Bank is available at: https://www.voced.edu.au/vet-knowledge-bank. It can can be accessed on the VOCEDplus home page from the Our resources section or from any VOCEDplus page via the Resources menu.


Q: What makes a document a landmark?

We use the term 'landmark' to refer to documents that have played a significant role in the development of the VET system, providing vision and/or leading to significant reforms or widespread cultural/attitudinal change. The VET Knowledge Bank currently contains 37 documents that are considered to be national landmark documents, presented as a timeline: https://www.voced.edu.au/vet-knowledge-bank-landmark-documents.


Q: Is there an easy way to find all the timelines in the VET Knowledge Bank?

We have listed all the timelines on a single page at: https://www.voced.edu.au/content/timelines. This page can also be accessed from any VOCEDplus page via the 'Resources' menu.


Q: Is there some way I can discover the impact of an individual landmark document i.e. how it has influenced the VET system?

The timeline includes a brief statement about each landmark document. We are in the process of developing a series of thematic overviews that discuss and explain the development of the VET system and outline the different landmark documents that have contributed to this development. These overviews are being written by experts in the field. As they become available, the thematic icons assigned to each landmark document will be hyperlinked to the overviews.


Q. I'm told that I can find information about government budgets in the VET Knowledge Bank. Where is this information?

You can find it in the Governance section of the VET Knowledge Bank: https://www.voced.edu.au/vet-knowledge-bank-governance-budgets.


Q. How do you come up with definitions for the terms in the VET glossary?

We use a range of authoritative sources to compile the definitions and these are then reviewed and checked by the Glossary Editorial team. The glossary bibliography lists all the sources consulted.