New Titles

Title Author Date Type
ASEAN youth: technology, skills and the future of work World Economic Forum 2019 Report
Labour market outcomes disaggregated by subject area using the Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data Battiston, Alice; Patrignani, Pietro; Hedges, Sophie; Conlon, Gavan 2019 Discussion paper
The value of progression in further education Battiston, Alice; Patrignani, Pietro; Hedges, Sophie; Conlon, Gavan 2019 Discussion paper
A case study on Chinese adult learners' English acquisition in a blended learning environment Yao, Chunlin 2019 Article
Are we all on course?: a curriculum mapping comparison of three Australian university open-access enabling programs O'Rourke, John Andrew; Relf, Bronwyn; Crawford, Nicole; Sharp, Sue 2019 Article
Female labor force participation, labor market dynamic, and growth Bustelo, Monserrat; Flabbi, Luca; Piras, Claudia; Tejada, Mauricio 2019 Working paper
Closing the gender pay gap Gale, Brett 2019 Report
Industry-driven apprenticeship: what works, what's needed Jacoby, Tamar; Lerman, Robert I. 2019 Report
Apprenticeship and the justice system: adapting a proven training model to serve people in prison Hecker, Ian; Kuehn, Daniel 2019 Report
Teacher empowerment through action research Nunan, David; Black, Hayley; Choi, Julie 2019 Article
Ring, ring. Who's still there?: an analysis of callers to the Reading Writing Hotline Iles, Vanessa; Osmond, Pamela 2019 Article
Becoming adult in the 2000s: new transitions and new careers Wyn, Johanna 2004 Article
Positions vacant?: youth employment in Australia National Youth Commission into Youth Employment and Transitions (NYC) 2019 Discussion paper
Jobs diagnostic: Turkey Erdogan, Aysenur Acar; Del Carpio, Ximena V. 2019 Report
Improving gender diversity in the US Coast Guard: identifying barriers to female retention Hall, Kimberly Curry; Keller, Kirsten M.; Schulker, David; Weilant, Sarah; Kidder, Katherine L.; Lim, Nelson 2019 Report
Apprenticeship training in Italy: a cost-effective model for firms? Muehlemann, Samuel; Wolter, Stefan C.; Joho, Eva 2018 Report
Work 2050: three scenarios: new findings of an international Delphi study by the Millennium Project Daheim, Cornelia; Wintermann, Ole; Glenn, Jerome C.; Korn, Jonas; Schoon, Christian 2019 Report
Can big data save labor market information systems? Johnson, Eric M. 2016 Report
Improving career development opportunities through rigorous career pathways research Hedge, Jerry W.; Rineer, Jennifer Rae 2017 Occasional paper
Career and technical education teachers and schools: results from the 2011-12 Schools and Staffing Survey Hensley, Elisabeth; Ottem, Randolph; Levesque, Karen 2017 Report