New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Understanding informal jewellery apprenticeship in Ghana: nature, processes and challanges Baidoo, Mohammed Kwaku; Tachie-Menson, Akosua; Arthur, Nana Ama Pokua; Asante, Eric Appau 2020 Article
Skills and employment under automation: active adaptation at the local level Ure, Odd Bjorn; Skauge, Tom 2019 Article
Job satisfaction, work engagement, and turnover intention of CTE health science teachers Park, Kathleen A.; Johnson, Karen R. 2019 Article
Identifying teachers' competencies in Finnish vocational education Tapani, Annukka; Salonen, Arto O. 2019 Article
Cross-country comparison of engagement in apprenticeships: a conceptual analysis of incentives for individuals and firms Chankseliani, Maia; Anuar, Aizuddin Mohamed 2019 Article
The function and institutional embeddedness of Polytechnics in the Indian education system Schneider, Sebastian; Pilz, Matthias 2019 Article
Training marketing by German companies: which training place characteristics are communicated? Ebbinghaus, Margit 2019 Article
Large scale studies of holistic professional competence in vocational education and training (VET): the case of Norway Lahn, Leif Christian; Nore, Haege 2019 Article
Dropout prevention in secondary VET from different learning spaces: a social discussion experience Salva-Mut, Francesca; Pinya, Carme; Alvarez, Nuria; Calvo, Aina 2019 Article
Analysing training needs of TVET teachers in South Africa: an empirical study Zinn, Bernd; Raisch, Kevin; Reimann, Jennifer 2019 Article
Building a skilled workforce: public discourses on vocational education in Thailand Chalapati, Nakarin; Chalapati, Supaporn 2020 Article
How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Ugandan businesses?: results from a business climate survey Lakuma, Corti Paul; Sunday, Nathan; Sserunjogi, Brian; Kahunde, Rehema; Munyambonera, Ezra 2020 Report
Moving forward together: supporting educators to support incarcerated students in Australian prison-based higher education Farley, Helen; Hopkins, Susan 2018 Article
Education and vocational training: why the differences are important Pike, Anne; Farley, Helen 2018 Article
Policies for human capital development: Moldova: an ETF Torino Process assessment Milovanovitch, Mihaylo 2020 Report
Policies for human capital development: Belarus: an ETF Torino Process assessment Vuorinen, Pirita 2020 Report
Badge claims: creativity, evidence and the curated learning journey Coleman, Kathryn S.; Johnson, Keesa V.; Ifenthaler, Dirk; Bellin-Mularski, Nicole; Mah, Dana-Kristin 2016 Book chapter
Digital badges for professional development: teachers' perceptions of the value of a new credentialing currency Diamond, James; Gonzalez, Pilar Carmina; Ifenthaler, Dirk; Bellin-Mularski, Nicole; Mah, Dana-Kristin 2016 Book chapter
When digital badges work: it's not about the badges, it's about learning ecosystems Itow, Rebecca C.; Hickey, Daniel T.; Ifenthaler, Dirk; Bellin-Mularski, Nicole; Mah, Dana-Kristin 2016 Book chapter
The authority behind the badge: a practice analysis case study Gander, Sharon L.; Ifenthaler, Dirk; Bellin-Mularski, Nicole; Mah, Dana-Kristin 2016 Book chapter