New Titles

Title Author Date Type
The history and growth of career and technical education in America: fourth edition Gordon, Howard R. D. 2014 Book
Talent management in an age of digital disruption: implications for skills policy Brown, Phillip; Sadik, Sahara; Lauder, Hugh; Souto-Otero, Manuel; Sung, Johnny; Freebody, Simon 2019 Report
Towards a new understanding of workplace learning: the context of Singapore Bound, Helen; Rushbrook, Peter 2015 Book
Labour lines and colonial power: Indigenous and Pacific Islander labour mobility in Australia Stead, Victoria; Altman, Jon 2019 Book
Diverse histories, common ground and a shared future: the education of career guidance and counselling professionals in the Nordic countries Andreassen, Inga H.; Einarsdottir, Sif; Lerkkanen, Jukka; Thomsen, Rie; Wikstrand, Frida 2019 Article
Community college engineering students' perceptions of classroom climate and fundamental engineering skills Hankey, Maria Stack; Burge, Penny L.; Knight, David B.; Seidel, Richard W.; Skaggs, Gary 2019 Article
Extending the reach of technical education with distance learning Horvitz, Brian S. 2019 Article
Stops, starts, and detours: transfer students' college choice process Tobolowsky, Barbara; Bers, Trudy H. 2019 Article
Simple observations and simple data: increasing female success in an introductory course Danley-Scott, Jennifer 2019 Article
College majors and careers: job relatedness and compensation of 1992-93 and 2007-08 bachelor's degree recipients 4 years after graduation Huo, Huade; Redford, Jeremy 2019 Report
Autism support in a community college setting: ideas from intersectionality Shmulsky, Solvegi; Gobbo, Ken 2019 Article
Transfer student success: exploring community college, university, and individual predictors Umbach, Paul D.; Tuchmayer, Jeremy B.; Clayton, Ashley B.; Smith, Kathleen N. 2019 Article
Assessing IT educational pathways that support rural broadband: strategies for aligning IT curricula, policy, and employer needs Mardis, Marcia A.; Jones, Faye R.; McClure, Charles R. 2019 Article
Use of an online reading intervention to enhance the basic reading skills of community college students Bauer-Kealey, Meredyth; Mather, Nancy 2019 Article
Economic opportunities and outcomes of post-study work rights in Australia Chew, Jonathan 2019 Report
The hiring prospects of foreign-educated immigrants: a factorial survey among German employers Damelang, Andreas; Abraham, Martin; Ebensperger, Sabine; Stumpf, Felix 2019 Article
Migrants and low-paid employment in British workplaces Bryson, Alex; White, Michael 2019 Article
The value of self-employment to ethnic minorities Brynin, Malcolm; Karim, Mohammed Shamsul; Zwysen, Wouter 2019 Article
Framework for the quality assurance of e-assessment Foerster, Martin; Gourdin, Anais; Huertas, Esther; Mohren, Jana; Ranne, Paula; Roca, Roger 2019 Guide
What's in a name?: review of the Higher Education Provider Category Standards: final report Coaldrake, Peter 2019 Report