New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Beyond 'just do it': fostering higher-order learning outcomes in short-term study abroad Landon, Adam C.; Tarrant, Michael A.; Rubin, Donald L.; Stoner, Lee 2017 Article
Seven questions about apprenticeships: answers from international experience Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2018 Report
The task content of occupations Bittarello, Luca; Kramarz, Francis; Maitre, Alexis 2018 Discussion paper
Informing employees in small and medium sized firms about training: results of a randomized field experiment Berg, Gerard J. van den; Dauth, Christine; Homrighausen, Pia; Stephan, Gesine 2018 Discussion paper
Online work in OECD countries Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2018 Paper
Innovating professional development in compulsory education: examples and cases of emerging practices for teacher professional development Vuorikari, Riina; Munoz, Jonatan Castano 2018 Report
The potential economic benefits of education of migrants in the EU Bonin, Holger 2017 Report
Investing in Europe's future: the role of education and skills Jamet, Stephanie; Canton, Erik; Thum-Thysen, Anna; Tamm, Marcus; Vandeplas, Anneleen; Voigt, Peter; Wruuck, Patricia; Sekmokas, Mantas; Pouliakas, Konstantinos; Salvatore, Lidia; Villalba-Garcia, Ernesto; Thies, Lars 2018 Report
Improving educational and labor outcomes through child labor regulation Del Rey, Elena; Jimenez-Martin, Sergi; Castello, Judit Vall 2018 Article
Are two subjects better than one?: the effects of developmental English courses on language minority and native English-speaking students' community college outcomes Hodara, Michelle; Xu, Di 2018 Article
Understanding VET teacher attitudes to student support in a major public VET provider Dutschke, Allyson 2018 Article
Towards an adaptive enterprise training facility Van Sebille, Cornelis 2018 Article
The development and validation of key performance indicators for two tasks related to Marine Emergency Duties training Sanli, Elizabeth; Ennis, Kerri Ann; Brown, Robert; Carnahan, Heather 2018 Article
Key contributing factors to learning through debriefings: commercial aviation pilots' perspectives Mavin, Timothy J.; Kikkawa, Yoriko; Billett, Stephen 2018 Article
Immigrant-born workers and quality early childhood education and care in the Northern Territory, Australia Golebiowska, Kate; Boyle, Alicia; Pennec, Sophie; Horvath, Denise 2018 Article
Work-integrated learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics: drivers of innovation for students Rampersad, Giselle; Zivotic-Kukolj, Vlatka 2018 Article
Integrating formal learning into work-integrated learning to create a semi-formal environment Nagle, Louise; Lannon, John; McMahon, Juliet 2018 Article
Facilitating collaborative capabilities for future work: what can be learnt from interprofessional fieldwork in health Brewer, Margo; Flavell, Helen 2018 Article
Value of industry mentoring and resource commitment to the success of an undergraduate internship program: a case study from an Australian university Hardie, Geraldine; Almeida, Shamika; Ross, Pauline J. 2018 Article
Deciding access to work-integrated learning: human resource professionals as gatekeepers Mackaway, Jacqueline; Winchester-Seeto, Theresa 2018 Article