New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Workforce-ready: challenges and opportunities for VET Griffin, Tabatha 2020 Discussion paper
Breadth of university curriculum and labor market outcomes Seah, Kelvin K. C.; Pan, Jessica; Tan, Poh Lin 2020 Discussion paper
Why didn't the college premium rise everywhere?: employment protection and on-the-job investment in skills Doepke, Matthias; Gaetani, Ruben 2020 Discussion paper
Hard work and hazard: young people and agricultural commercialisation in Africa Yeboah, Thomas; Chigumira, Easther; John, Innocensia; Anyidoho, Nana Akua; Manyong, Victor; Flynn, Justin; Sumberg, James 2020 Article
A first try at ROI: ranking 4,500 colleges Carnevale, Anthony P.; Cheah, Ban; Van Der Werf, Martin 2019 Report
Unpacking program enrollments and completions with equity in mind Fink, John; Jenkins, Davis 2020 Guide
Automation and job transformation in Canada: who's at risk? Frenette, Marc; Frank, Kristyn 2020 Paper
Who can log in?: the importance of skills for the feasibility of teleworking arrangements across OECD countries Espinoza, Ricardo; Reznikova, Laura 2020 Working paper
Career technical education instructors' perceptions of adult students' academic ability in career technical education classes Helaire, Atlas 2014 Thesis
Educational coping strategies of domestic vocational education and training articulants at La Trobe University Delly, Pamela 2017 Thesis
Factors affecting perception and attitude of Maasai community towards vocational education training enrollment in Monduli District Mbughuni, Abraham Richard 2017 Thesis
Building capacity of teachers and trainers in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Sudan: case of Khartoum State Ahmed, Hashim Abdelgadir Elbakhit 2011 Thesis
Work-based learning in vocational education and training: varied communities, fields and learning pathways Rintala, Heta 2020 Thesis
How career and technical education teachers' attitudes and perceptions of students with disabilities influence inclusion in career and technical education courses Cortney, Theresa M. 2019 Thesis
Perceptions, attitudes, and values of females participating in nontraditional career and technical education programs in North Carolina community colleges: a Q-methodology Thomas, Andrea Sutton 2020 Thesis
Student connectedness and academic achievement: a quantitative study of career and technical education students McGinley, Kern Patrick 2019 Thesis
Community college students' perceived value of high school career and technical education program experiences Douglass, Martin 2018 Thesis
The effect of socioeconomic status and gender on high school student perceptions about career and technical education Chadwell, Briael Marie 2017 Thesis
The effects of career and technical education on high school graduation rates in New Jersey Hart, Cassandra 2017 Thesis
Work values and technology skills of students enrolled in a career and technical education course at a community college Springer, Chadwick A. 2016 Thesis