New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Apprenticeship for adults: results of an explorative study David, Ramona 2019 Report
The effects of high school career and technical education for non-college bound students LaForest, Michael Robert 2017 Thesis
Women in construction: an opportunity lost? Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) 2018 Report
Enhancing the retention and advancement of women in trades in British Columbia: final report Gyarmati, David; Pakula, Basia; Nguyen, Cam; Leonard, Dominique 2017 Report
Fulfilling the land of opportunity: how to grow employment in Papua New Guinea Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Firm); United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 2017 Report
Enhancing student employability skills through virtual field trips in the hospitality industry Patiar, Anoop; Benckendorff, Pierre; Kensbock, Sandra; Wang, Ying; Wilkins, Hugh; Robinson, Richard N. S.; Richardson, Scott; Lee, Andy; Goh, Edmund 2019 Report
Evaluation of demographic profiles of selected industries and occupations: 1996-2013 Jackson, Natalie 2019 Report
Impacts of green growth policies on labour markets and wage income distribution: a general equilibrium application to climate and energy policies Chateau, Jean; Bibas, Ruben; Lanzi, Elisa 2018 Working paper
Work-based learning study: reviewing work-based learning (WBL) programmes for young people in Lebanon Ghneim, Oussama 2018 Report
Understanding skills supply and demand in the hairdressing industry: report of stakeholder workshop Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) 2018 Report
Diversify WA: strong economy, creating jobs, diverse industries Western Australia. Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) 2019 Policy document
Inquiry into wage theft in Western Australia: report Beech, Tony 2019 Report
Tertiary music education and musicians' careers Hillman, Jenni Anne 2018 Thesis
A collegial quality development process for identifying and addressing barriers to improving teaching Carbone, Angela; Drew, S.; Ross, B.; Ye, J.; Phelan, L.; Lindsay, K.; Cottman, C. 2019 Article
Threshold concepts about online pedagogy for novice online teachers in higher education Kilgour, Peter; Reynaud, Daniel; Northcote, Maria; McLoughlin, Catherine; Gosselin, Kevin 2019 Article
Hanging tough: post-PhD researchers dealing with career uncertainty Skakni, Isabelle; Moreno, Maria del Carmen Calatrava; Seuba, Mariona Corcelles; McAlpine, Lynn 2019 Article
Non-linear improvement in generic problem-solving skills of university students: a longitudinal study Klegeris, Andis; Dubois, Patrick J.; Code, Warren J.; Bradshaw, Heather D. 2019 Article
Case studies of women of color leading community colleges in Texas: navigating the leadership pipeline through mentoring and culture Delgado, Maria Yareli; Allen, Taryn Ozuna 2019 Article
Experiential learning as a strategy for student completion and course success in the community college Walker, Carolyn 2019 Article
What do we know about online coursetaking, persistence, transfer, and degree completion among community college students? Sublett, Cameron 2019 Article