New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Review of the Australian Apprenticeships National Skills Needs List: methodology discussion paper Australia. Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business 2019 Discussion paper
Veterans without degrees: the benefits and opportunities of certificates and certifications Strada Education Network (U.S.); Lumina Foundation for Education (U.S.) 2019 Report
Barriers to participation in engineering and the value of interventions to improve diversity Corrigan, Deborah; Aikens, Kathleen 2020 Report
Emerging apprenticeship practitioner roles in England: conceptualising the subaltern educator Esmond, Bill 2019 Article
Degendered leadership in the UAE: breaking the glass ceiling Singh, Abhilasha 2019 Article
Apprentices' perceptions of quality in the Swiss initial vocational education and training dual system Sauli, Florinda; Wenger, Matilde; Berger, Jean-Louis; Marhuenda, Fernando; Chisvert-Tarazona, Maria Jose 2019 Conference
Effectiveness of screened, demand-driven job training programs for disadvantaged workers: an evaluation of the New Orleans career pathway training Baird, Matthew D.; Engberg, John; Gonzalez, Gabriella C.; Goughnour, Thomas; Gutierrez, Italo A.; Karam, Rita 2019 Report
The jobs that youth want and the support they need to get them: evidence from a discrete choice experiment in Kenya Assy, Angela Elzir; Ribeiro, Tiago; Robalino, David; Rosati, Furio; Puerta, Maria Laura Sanchez; Weber, Michael 2019 Discussion paper
Assessing workplace-based learning Scholtz, Desiree 2020 Article
Work-integrated learning builds student identification of employability skills: utilizing a food literacy education strategy Sambell, Ros; Devine, Amanda; Lo, Johnny; Lawlis, Tanya 2020 Article
Tasmanian ICT workforce action plan 2020-23 Tasmania. Department of State Growth 2019 Policy document
Tasmanian global education growth strategy Tasmania. Department of State Growth 2017 Policy document
International education action plan 2019-2025 StudyPerth 2019 Report
Market action plan: Indonesia Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) 2019 Report
Market action plan: Vietnam Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) 2019 Report
Teacher career reforms in Thailand Punyasavatsut, Chaiyuth 2019 Report
Implementing teacher career structure reform Chimier, Chloe; Tournier, Barbara; Childress, David 2019 Report
Designing teacher career structures and evaluating staff performance Chimier, Chloe; Tournier, Barbara; Childress, David 2019 Report
Youth transitions and lifetime trajectory Chacaltana, Juan; Elder, Sara; Lee, Miso 2019 Working paper
Informal employment trends in the Indian economy: persistent informality, but growing positive development Mehrotra, Santosh 2019 Working paper