Special collections

The special collections are compiled by the VOCEDplus team to allow users to quickly access sets of related items from the VOCEDplus database. Some items may appear in more than one collection. Many of these collections are living, growing resources that NCVER continues to develop and update on an ongoing basis.

VOCEDplus plays a key role in the archiving and preservation of vocational education and training (VET) research. Contained in some of the below special collections are historical sets of print publications that have been digitised and made freely available online with the permission of the copyright owner.

Australian government collection

This collection brings together Australian and state/territory government publications that relate to the VET system.

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Industry collection

This collection collates industry-based resources, research and policy related to labour market skill needs.

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Key conferences

This collection provides access to papers and presentations from past key VET conferences and links to current conferences.

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Key research and policy by region

These collections are important tertiary education and training policy and research documents from around the world.

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LLND collection

This collection contains current and historical language, literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy/skills (LLND) resources.

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Organisation based collections

These collections feature publications of organisations that have made a significant contribution to the VET sector.

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Program based collections

These collections provide access to publications and resources from current and historical programs.

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Thesis collection

This collection contains theses relating to the tertiary education sector, organised by topic.

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VET / HE pathways

This collection provides access to documents that focus on transition pathways between VET and higher education.

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