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We are in the process of updating our user guides and FAQs to reflect recent changes made to the website. Please contact us if you need help.

VOCEDplus user guides

Searching VOCEDplus (PDF format - 1445 KB)  
VOCEDplus search results (PDF format - 2650 KB)  
VOCEDplus products and services (PDF format - 1772 KB)

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VOCEDplus subjects and keywords

The 'VOCEDplus subjects and keywords' document contains the 52 broad subjects and over 600 specific keywords used to classify items indexed in VOCEDplus.

PDF version Subjects and keywords
(PDF format - 818 KB)
Word format Subjects and keywords
(Word format - 795 KB)

VOCEDplus geographic subjects

The 'Geographic subjects used in VOCEDplus' document lists the geographic subjects used in VOCEDplus at both a regional and country level.

PDF version Geographic subjects
(PDF format - 153 KB)
Word format Geographic subjects
(Word format - 37 KB)

VOCEDplus resource types

The 'VOCEDplus resource types' distinguish research-based reports, papers and authored books from more general descriptive publications. >> Learn more