Description of categories

VET reform: provides information on significant reforms to the VET sector, such as introduction of student loans and demand driven models of training.

Regulation: refers to legislation, regulations, funding and other government-driven impacts on the VET sector.

Participation: relates to initiatives that were aimed to increase participation in VET.

Social: relates to initiatives that had a social inclusion element, for example, initiatives to support disadvantaged learners.

Apprentices & trainees: refers to initiatives that had a direct impact on commencement and/or completion of apprenticeships or traineeships.

VET within schools: refers to initiatives focused on VET undertaken at school, such as part of the senior secondary certificate or a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

Economic objective: relates to initiatives focused on improving labour market outcomes in a local area, such as skills shortages and retrenched workers.

Economic event:  provides information on broad-ranging events that had a significant impact on the economy nationally or for the jurisdiction.

Governments: shows the political parties in government over the duration of this timeline.

Further information

This timeline is accompanied by a suite of complementary products that together make up the VET Knowledge Bank. The VET Knowledge Bank is a new resource aimed at providing a collected memory of Australian VET reference information. There are also a number of other resources available in VOCEDplus that look at different aspects of VET and cover a longer time period than this timeline, including:

Providing feedback

The development of this resource required reaching back into time to locate information about past VET policies, programs and initiatives. Every effort has been made to ensure the information provided is accurate and complete within the scope of the project (see page introduction above), including consulting more broadly with a range of government, research and other VET stakeholders.

Where an exact date could not be determined, it is indicated in the description. If you know of any missing information or have any feedback about this resource, please let us know at

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