This Pod was last updated December 2018 and has now been archived. For recent information on industry, see the following Pods: Industry 4.0 and Labour market.


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A skilled, adaptive and innovative workforce underpins the ability of industry to compete on national and international markets. The provision of high quality, sustainable employment is also a high priority. Such workforce capacity is facilitated by the effectiveness of education and training systems to respond to existing and emerging skill demands. It is important that industry stakeholders are able to connect with useful information relevant to their operating environments and the tertiary education sector. Topics of particular interest to researchers in this area include: the value of completing vocational education and training (VET) qualifications and apprenticeships and traineeships; the impact of wages on completion rates for apprenticeships and traineeships; the level to which training matches job outcomes; the role of VET in innovation; and the development of VET and the workforce.