The future of women at work: transitions in the age of automation


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The age of automation, and on the near horizon, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, offer new job opportunities and avenues for economic advancement but women face new challenges overlaid on long-established ones. Between 40 million and 160 million women globally may need to transition between occupations by 2030, often into higher-skilled roles. This research argues that, to weather this disruption, women (and men) need to be skilled, mobile, and tech-savvy but women face pervasive barriers on each, and will need targeted support to move forward in the world of work. The research...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Gender; Technology; Employment; Industry; Participation; Equity; Skills and knowledge

Keywords: Technological change; Automation; Future; Employment creation; Employment projection; Employment opportunity; Employment pattern; Employability; Labour force participation; Barrier; Skill needs; Skill upgrading; Retraining; Case study

Geographic subjects: Canada; France; Germany; Japan; Great Britain; United States; China; India; Mexico; South Africa; Africa; North America; Asia; Europe

Published: [New York, New York]: McKinsey Global Institute, 2019

Physical description: [x], 155 p. (report) + [vi], 28 p. (executive summary) + [2] p. (briefing note)

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Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

Document number: TD/TNC 136.780

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