Rethinking skills in vocational education and training: from competencies to capabilities


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Author: Wheelahan, Leesa; Moodie, Gavin


This paper has been commissioned by the New South Wales Board of Vocational Education and Training (BVET) to generate discussion about work, skill and qualifications. The paper critiques existing notions of skill and qualifications in vocational education and training (VET) in Australia to make the case for change, but tries to go beyond that as part of a discussion about what we should do differently. The authors critically examine the relationship between skills and work and the relevance of competency-based training given the scale and pace of change in society and the economy. They...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Vocational education and training; Skills and knowledge; Qualifications; Employment; Research

Keywords: Competence; Education work relationship; Competency based training; Critical analysis

Geographic subjects: Australia; New South Wales; Oceania

Published: Sydney, New South Wales: NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training, 2011

Physical description: 43 p.

Related items: TD/NSW 68.10

ISBN: 97819210840334

Resource type: Government report or paper

Document number: TD/TNC 106.851

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