Profiles in teachers' value-based tensions in senior secondary vocational education and training


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Context: With an increase in cultural diversity in many countries, schools and teacher educators are grappling with the question of what this diversity might bring in vocational education, and how teachers can be prepared to work with this diversity. In order to train and empower teachers who experience tensions because of culturally diverse student populations, it is useful to know whether teachers do have different needs to work with this diversity. This study reports on profiles in teachers' experience of value-based tensions (professional ethics and stance, diversity and communality,...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Providers of education and training; Secondary education; Vocational education and training; Culture and society; Skills and knowledge; Workforce development

Keywords: Teachers; VET for secondary students; Value system; Ethics; Multicultural education; Diversity; Cultural aspects; Competence; Skill needs; Education and training needs; Professional development

Geographic subjects: Netherlands; Europe

Published: Bremen, Germany: VETNET European Research Network of Vocational Education and Training (EERA), 2022

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Journal volume: 9

Journal number: 3

Journal date: December 2022

Pages: pp. 316-339

ISSN: 2197-8638 (print), 2197-8646 (online)

Resource type: Article

Peer reviewed: Yes

Document number: TD/TNC 152.70

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