Narrative-based learning using mobile devices


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Purpose: The aim of this paper is to explore whether the use of an active learning methodology implemented through a mobile phone can help future teachers to develop more effective reading promotion activities than those based on traditional learning methodologies. Design/methodology/approach: A study was conducted based on the comparison of perceptions of two groups of teacher training students. The experimental group was trained in an active methodology to promote reading on mobile phones, whilst the control group was trained in a classical methodology also using the same devices....  [+] Show more

Subjects: Higher education; Teaching and learning; Technology; Providers of education and training; Students; Participation; Performance; Outcomes

Keywords: Educational innovation; Student teachers; Educational technology; Online learning; Teaching method; Client satisfaction; Questionnaire; Perception; Outcomes of education and training

Geographic subjects: Spain; Europe

Published: Bradford, England: Emerald Publishing, 2023

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Journal title: Education + training

Journal volume: 65

Journal number: 2

Journal date: 2023

Pages: pp. 284-297

ISSN: 0040-0912

Resource type: Article

Peer reviewed: Yes

Document number: TD/TNC 151.781

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