Moving towards a life course perspective to labour market transitions: approaches and challenges


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Author: Delautre, Guillaume; Gardiner, Drew; Verick, Sher


This background paper has been prepared for the Joint EU-ILO Project Building Partnerships on the Future of Work. Funded by the EU, the project aims to contribute to shaping the future world of work in compliance with the ILO Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work. Over recent decades, the importance of studying labour market transitions has been recognized both amongst policymakers who focus on getting people out of unemployment and into jobs and academics who have used the increasing availability of relevant data to measure transitions and identify their determinants. At the same...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Employment; Labour market; Research; Statistics; Policy

Keywords: Employment pattern; Technological change; Transition from education and training to employment; Research method; Longitudinal data; Data collecting; Data analysis; Employment policy; Policy formation

Published: Geneva, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium: ILO and European Commission, 2021

Physical description: 26 p.

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The ILO Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work is available at:

Resource type: Paper

Document number: TD/TNC 146.816

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