Exhausted, undervalued and leaving: the crisis in early education


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United Workers Union (UWU)


This report shows the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector in Australia is on the brink of crisis. In the largest survey of its kind, nearly 4,000 current and former educators revealed they are leaving the sector at record levels because of excessive workloads and low pay. Over a quarter of current educators reported they plan to leave the sector within the next twelve months, and of those educators who do plan to stay, almost half (46 per cent) think about leaving 'all of the time' or 'most of the time'. In contrast, projections show the sector needs 40,000 additional staff...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Industry; Employment; Income; Career development; Qualifications; Outcomes; Providers of education and training

Keywords: Survey; Recruitment; Educators; Preschool education; Employee retention; Job satisfaction; Working conditions; Decision making; Career change; Employment opportunity; Employment projection; Labour shortage; Skill shortage; Educational level; Case study; Family; Funding; Government role; Government expenditure; Wellbeing

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: [Haymarket, New South Wales]: United Workers Union, 2021

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