Competency-based training (CBT): an introductory manual for practitioners


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Author: Daru, Patrick; Ali, Yasser


The manual provides guidance on how to plan, design, implement and evaluate competency-based training (CBT) and assessment. Based on a clear sequence of 16 steps, it is expected to serve as an introduction to CBT for practitioners and a reference for future training of curricula designers, instructors and assessors.

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Subjects: Vocational education and training; Assessment; Teaching and learning; Outcomes

Keywords: Competency based assessment; Competency based training; Competency standard; Needs assessment; Skill analysis; Curriculum development; Instructional design; Course design; Skill certification; Training evaluation; Work based learning; Relevance of education and training

Geographic subjects: Arab countries; Middle East

Published: Beirut, Lebanon: ILO Regional Office for Arab States, 2020

Physical description: 118 p.

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ISBN: 9789220330319 (print)

Resource type: Guide

Document number: TD/TNC 142.599

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