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Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)


The current federal employment services program, jobactive, became operational on 1 July 2015, and replaced the previous employment services model, Job Services Australia. The objectives of jobactive are: helping job-seekers find and keep a job; helping job-seekers move from welfare to work; helping job-seekers meet their mutual obligations; and jobactive organisations delivering quality services. The Department of Employment administers jobactive and there are approximately 750 000 job-seekers at any given time in the program. Employment is forecast to spend approximately $7.3 billion...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Employment; Governance; Performance; Policy

Keywords: Employment service; Labour market program; Job searching; Unemployed; Government agency; Agency role; Performance appraisal; Employment policy

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory: ANAO, 2017

Physical description: 77 p.

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Series: ANAO audit report; no. 4, 2017-18

ISBN: 9781760332761 (print); 9781760332778 (online)

ISSN: 1036-7632 (print), 2203-0352 (online)

On cover: Department of Employment
Audit team: Meegan Reinhard, Anne Kent, Veronica Clement-Jones, Deborah Jackson

Resource type: Report

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Document number: TD/TNC 129.174

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