Innovative partnerships for youth engagement in education and work


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In most modern OECD nations, secondary schools are required to form partnerships with a large variety of organisations, ranging from other education and training providers to community groups, businesses and associations. These schools typically manage a large number and various types of relationships with external organisations. These may include work placement coordination providers, local businesses offering work placements, external vocational education providers, such as Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes in Australia, and other non-educational and community...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Vocational education and training; Secondary education; Providers of education and training; Industry; Students; Teaching and learning; Outcomes; Research; Employment; Culture and society; Youth

Keywords: VET in schools; Partnership in education and training; Education industry relationship; OECD country; Experiential learning; Youth transitions; Education work relationship; Community; Survey

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Melbourne, Victoria: Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy, University of Melbourne, 2016

Physical description: 76 p.

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Report prepared for Australian Research Council
Report includes survey instrument (Appendix B)
Includes bibliography

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 125.546

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