What does NEETs mean and why is the concept so easily misinterpreted?

The share of youth which are neither in employment nor in education or training in the youth population (the so-called 'NEET rate') is a relatively new indicator, but one that is given increasing importance by international organizations and the media. It is the author's opinion that the NEET rate is an indicator that is widely misunderstood and therefore misinterpreted. The critique which follows is intended to point out some misconceptions so that the indicator can be framed around what it really measures, rather than what it does not. This analytical brief, based on an analysis of the recen ... Show more

Authors: Elder, Sara

Published: Geneva, Switzerland, Employment Policy Department, International Labour Office, 2015

Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

Physical description: 13 p.

Access item: http://www.ilo.org/employment/areas/youth-employment/work-for-youth/publications/technical-briefs/WCMS_343153/lang--en/index.htm

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