Enhancing the link between skills development and youth employment policies

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Author: Park, Young-Bum; Choi, Youngsup


Recently the world economy is looking as though it has recovered somewhat from the aftermath of the financial crisis, but the labor market conditions are failing to show significant improvement. In particular, young people newly entering the labor market upon finishing school are experiencing many difficulties finding a suitable job and the situation in Korea is not much different to that of other countries and the problem of mismatch in the labor market remains a key challenge. Hence, Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET) held an international seminar...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Youth; Labour market; Employment; Skills and knowledge; Policy; Vocational education and training

Keywords: Skill development; Employment policy; Employability

Geographic subjects: Korea; China; Australia; Germany; Norway; Switzerland; Asia; Oceania; Europe

Published: Seoul, South Korea: KRIVET, 2014

Physical description: 140 p. (papers) + 71 p. (presentations)

Conference name: KRIVET International Seminar

Date: 2014

Place: Seoul, South Korea

Statement of responsibility: Edited by Young-bum Park and Young-sup Choi

The presentations from the seminar may be found on the KRIVET website at: http://eng.krivet.re.kr/eu/ec/prg_euCEAVw.jsp?pgn=1&gk=&gv=&gn=M16-M160000012

Resource type: Conference

Document number: TD/TNC 118.606

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