Workforce development: perspectives and issues


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Author: Harris, Roger; Short, Tom


This book adopts a critical outlook in challenging a range of assumptions relating to how and why people are developed at work. It takes a primarily Australian outlook after the global financial crisis and traces the progress of a national industry sector, with each chapter examining a key area of interest for organisational leaders. Overall, the authors argue that workforce development is a combination of activities influenced by context, politics and economic development. The overarching theme is that in times of financial tension when organisational strategy needs to change quickly,...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Workforce development; Career development; Pathways; Sustainability; Management; Employment

Keywords: Capacity building; Workplace education and training; Workplace learning; Leadership; Talent management; Organisational development; Human resource development; Human resources; Coaching; Mentoring; Recruitment; Quality of working life

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Singapore: Springer Singapore, 2014

Physical description: xviii, 387 p.

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ISBN: 9789814560573 (print); 9789814560580 (online)

Statement of responsibility: Roger Harris, Tom Short, editors

Resource type: Book

Document number: TD/TNC 114.1080

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