Youth, employment and post-compulsory education: crisis policy making in three depression decades in Australia - the 1890s, the 1930s and the 1980s


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Author: White, Michael


The paper reviews patterns of post-compulsory education policy in Australia in two periods of depression, the 1890s and 1930s, and in the recession of the 1980s and 1990s. It elicits similarities between government action in the three periods while also identifying important differences.

Subjects: Youth; Employment; Policy; Economics; Teaching and learning

Keywords: Policy formation; Economic conditions; Postcompulsory education; History

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia

Published: Adelaide, South Australia: NCVER, 1995

Journal volume: 3

Journal number: 1

Journal date: May 1995

Pages: pp. 110-140

ISSN: 1039-4001

Resource type: Article

Document number: TD/TNC 42.49

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