What's new in Professional development

  • Formal university qualifications for adult literacy and numeracy [added 8 December, 2022]
    (Source: Australian Council for Adult Literacy)
    ACAL has compiled this information about opportunities for professional development in the field of adult literacy and numeracy. These specialist teaching qualifications are available at Charles Sturt University and University of Technology Sydney:
  • Australian Council of Deans of Education Vocational Education Group (ACDEVEG) annual conference [added 15 November, 2022]
    Date: Thu 8 Dec 2022
    Time: 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM ACDT
    This online conference highlights the new focus, both in Australia and overseas, on the work of VET teachers. Governments and VET systems and VET providers alike are increasingly recognising the importance of nurturing and developing the VET workforce. Presentations at this conference focus on the work of VET teachers and managers, and strategies to support and develop them. Speakers from the OECD, the UK and New Zealand supplement reports of Australian research and current developments in Australia.
  • iLearn eCollege pre-recorded webinars [added 24 February, 2022]
    Specialising in the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, iLearn eCollege is a Registered Training Organisation delivering nationally recognised training courses to students across Australia. These pre-recorded webinars cover topics such as developing quality assessment tools, RPL and conducting valid assessment, addressing adult LLN skills, and preparing and delivering group based training.

About professional development


  • To be compliant, registered training organisations in Australia must adhere to the Standards for RTOs 2015. Clause 1.16 states that:
    • 'The RTO ensures that all trainers and assessors undertake professional development in the fields of the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment including competency-based training and assessment. Professional development means activities that develop and/or maintain an individual’s skills, knowledge, expertise and other characteristics as a trainer or assessor. This includes both formal and informal activities that encompass vocational competencies, currency of industry skills and knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment, including competency based training and assessment.
    • Examples of professional development activities include: (a) participation in courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, or formal learning programs; (b) participation in mentoring, professional associations or other learning networks; (c)  personal development through individual research or reading of publications or other relevant information; (d) participation in moderation or validation activities; and (e) participation in industry release schemes'. [From Glossary]
  • Further information can be found in the Users’ Guide to the Standards for RTOs 2015, chapter 4 - Training and assessment / Clauses 1.13 to 1.16, published by ASQA.

Free resources


  • Continuing professional development for a diverse VET practitioner workforce [2017]
    (Source: NCVER)
    This occasional paper provides a stocktake of recent developments in continuing professional development for VET practitioners. It explores issues such as industry currency, the debate around a professional association for VET and the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as the minimum qualification for VET practitioners. Through synthesising the literature, the paper highlights enduring issues for continuing professional development in VET, such as the need to address both pedagogical knowledge and industry skills, and the necessity for individuals to actively engage and willingly participate in professional development in order for changes in practice to occur.
  • Practitioner experiences and expectations with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104)
    (Source: NCVER)
  • Professional development in the vocational education and training workforce [2010]
    (Source: NCVER)
    This paper explores a range of issues related to the development of the VET workforce. It examines key issues underpinning professional development structures and proposes a set of features integral to a comprehensive workforce development strategy. In particular it looks at the suitability of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, pathways to other educational qualifications, the feasibility of introducing a registration system for teachers and trainers, and potential changes to regulatory arrangements to help improve the take-up of professional development at provider level.

Focus on practice

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These are examples only of commercial producers of professional development resources. Inclusion on this list does not signify endorsement by NCVER.

  • IBSA Academy
    An online centre dedicated to providing professional development courses to RTO staff and VET Practitioners. Each course is 60 minutes long and you can stop at any point and pick up from the same point later. Courses meet ASQA standards and on completion a personalised certificate is issues as proof of achievement.
  • MRWED VET in Action Webinar Series
    (Source: MRWED Training and Assessment)
    This website provides access to a series of fee-based webinars that focus that aim to assist VET practitioners develop their professional skills and knowledge. The sessions relate to specific clauses of the Standards for RTOs 2015 and include tips, tools, strategies and templates that practitioners can implement in their workplace.
    Topics include:
    • Unpacking Training Packages
    • Training games that support learning transfer
    • Embedding Pedagogy into practice
    • Designing quality assessment strategies
  • Professional development hub for trainers and assessors
    (Source: Envision Training)
    This website provides access to updated information relating to VET for staff trainers and assessors
  • RTO Advice Group
    RTO Advice Group was established 10 years ago and has been providing high-quality consulting services and RTO resources (Eduworks Resources) to our clients ever since. RTO Advice Group offers a range of professional development webinars, and our professional development portal VETevolve which is professional development modules that can be completed anytime anywhere.
  • Velg Training
  • Vocational Competency and Equivalence Mapping Tool Template
    (Source: Training Tools)
    It is a compliance requirement that trainers and assessors have vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed, and this mapping tool template gives a perfect framework to document relevant knowledge, skills and experience.

Industry currency


Free resources


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This is an example only of a commercially available product. Inclusion on this list does not signify endorsement by NCVER.

  • How to demonstrate trainers' industry currency [online webinar]
    (Source: Insources)
  • Industry Engaged professional currency courses
    (Source: Engaging Education)
    Industry Engaged has worked with professionals and business owners in industry to create resources that aim to connect trainers with industry to comply with essential professional currency, and to enrich training and assessment with performance skills, competencies and knowledge in context. These resources comprise: (1) case studies relating to particular industry training package units of currency, with follow up recorded discussions with a professional to provide the industry perspective on the case study tasks; and (2) insights interviews with industry experts and professionals that focus on the industry knowledge and application of underpinning concepts and theory; each interview recording includes the full transcript. Free examples of course materials from 2020 are available in VOCEDplus.
    Industries covered include: Information, Digital Media and Technology; Business and Work Skills; Hospitality and Tourism; Care and Community; Sport and Recreation; Community Services and Volunteering. The courses are arranged into subject bundles, which if a bundle is purchased there is also access to a community where links are posted to relevant blogs, videos, and other online resources relevant to industry skills and tech in industry. Insights interviews have a multiple choice quiz, and the case study has an assignment attached which for 2021 courses, if completed will enable a certificate to demonstrate participation for currency.

Professional development opportunities

Free resources

Focus on practice

  • ACEVic Adult Literacy and Numeracy Practitioner Program
    This online professional development program has been designed for practitioners delivering adult literacy and numeracy pre-accredited programs in Victoria. It aims to improve practitioners knowledge and skills in adult literacy and numeracy practice.
  • College of Science, Engineering and Health (SEH) Instructional Site for Teaching and Educational Resources (SISTER)
    (Source: RMIT University)
    Curates and creates articles to guide learning and teaching in the 21st century.
  • Professional development for RTO staff in Victoria
    (Source: State Government of Victoria)
    This website contains details of the following professional development opportunities:
  • VET Development Centre (VDC)
  • Training Virtual Campus
  • International Specialist Skills Institute (ISS)
  • Scholarships
    • Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Vocational Education and Training
      Established in 2005 and funded by the  Department of Education and Training, the scholarship involves the undertaking of an educational program concerning current VET policy or practice, the outcomes of which must inform and benefit the wider VET sector in Australia.
    • International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowships
      The fellowships offer the chance to travel overseas and undertake applied international research, often used in education, training and across industries with the intention of generating actionable knowledge, finding solutions or developing innovative practice.
      • VET International Practitioner Fellowships
        These Fellowships are available to VET practitioners who are employed within Victorian Government contracted Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), including TAFEs, private RTOs and Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board registered Learn Local Providers.
    • NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarships [NSW only]
      Open to teachers in NSW government and non-government schools, TAFE NSW campuses and early childhood centres.
  • TAC 2020 Education Program Calendar
    The Training and Accreditation Council WA (TAC) is Western Australia's registering and course accrediting body. It is responsible for the quality assurance and recognition of VET services in WA. TAC delivers an education program throughout the year. Support material and professional development opportunities are primarily aimed at trainers, assessors, compliance and quality assurance staff and include: User's Guide to the Standards; Fact Sheets; Frequently Asked Questions;  Professional development opportunities; ​Professional development recordings and resources; Issuance of Certificate of Attendance
  • The LH Martin Institute
    Offers a variety of courses both award and non-award, focusing on leadership and governance for the tertiary sector.
  • VET PD Group
    This community of practice provides curated content as a free service to the VET sector and VET practitioners. It offers:

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These are examples only of commercial producers of professional development resources. Inclusion on this list does not signify endorsement by NCVER.

Further research

Free resources

Access more items in VOCEDplus:


Access more items in VOCEDplus:

Organisations and associations

Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)

AARE logoAARE is a national professional association of educational researchers in Australia. Established in 1970, the association provides support for successive generations of educational researchers from Australian universities; local, state and federal governments; early childhood education contexts; schools, colleges, vocational and training organisations; as well as private research agencies. Its objectives centre on advancing scholarly inquiry into education, enhancing quality in educational research, and seeking to promote and advocate for the positive impact of educational research on policy and practice in education and associated areas of society.

AARE publications in VOCEDplus



Australian Vocational Education and Training Professionals Association (AVETPA)

AVETPA logoThe Australian Vocational Education and Training Professionals Association (AVETPA) has been established to enhance the professional standing of vocational education and training (VET) practitioners within the community and to build professional development and educational pathways for members. 

The key objectives of AVETPA are to provide firstly the recognition of a VET practitioner's training credentials via membership grading (Member, Associate Fellow & Fellow), secondly to provide an avenue for the recognition of ongoing professional development and activities via membership upgrade and/or the CPT (Certified Practising Trainer) program and thirdly to enable practitioners within VET to have a voice in the complicated network associated with this critical educational sector.


Australasian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA)

AVETRA logoThe Australasian VET Research Association (AVETRA) is a long standing, independent association made up of academics, researchers and VET practitioners. Its aim is to promote, encourage and disseminate research into vocational education and training. To help achieve this it, for example, publishes 'A News', 'Research Today' and the scholarly 'International Journal of Training Research'. It runs conferences and forums as well as an annual conference, sometimes under the 'OctoberVET' banner. The forums recently have focused on both practitioner research and recent developments in VET. AVETRA's events are open to both members and non-members and are competitively priced to enable participation for those who cannot secure employer or other external sponsorship. Members also receive a substantial discount.

AVETRA publications in VOCEDplus

Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA)

ITECA is an association for private education and training providers and practitioners. ITECA provide professional services to its members to help build their capability to deliver and support best practice tertiary education and training. ITECA provides professional development webinars for members on areas such as assessment, e-learning, online and blended learning, and training techniques.

ACPET / ITECA publications in VOCEDplus

VET Development Centre (VDC)

The VET Development Centre (VDC) provides professional learning for the Australian VET workforce, with a particular focus on VET practitioners and educators. VDC is not a membership based organisation, nor an advocacy body, so no membership fees apply. A real strength of the VDC is the diversity of attendance at its professional learning programs, with TAFE, private provider, learn local providers and VET in Schools teachers all participating together in professional learning.

As a non-profit organisation supported by the Victorian Government, VDC is able to provide a diverse range of best practice professional learning activities at reduced rates. In addition, the VDC is funded by the Victorian Government to provide free training to all Skills First contracted training providers. Evaluation surveys for all programs offered consistently average satisfaction ratings in excess of 90 per cent for VDC workshops and webinars, as well exceptional attendance rates.

The VDC Professional Learning Program offers an extensive range of CPD opportunities for the Australian VET workforce under five topic areas through one hour webinars, half and full day workshops as well as a range of special events. The latest training offerings on assessment essentials, leadership and management, mapping and validation, quality compliance and auditing, and teaching and learning strategies can be found on the VDC website under Professional Development.

VDC is currently delivering a record number of free training programs for Skills First Providers on behalf of the Victorian Department of Education and Training. Visit the VDC website page, Funded Opportunities, to see details of the programs.

VDC publications in VOCEDplus

Velg Training

Velg Training is a member serving organisation and provider of vocational education and training (VET) professional development and consulting services. Velg Training's professional development events and products have been purposefully shaped to educate, inspire and empower you! Velg Training continues to provide quality, flexible and innovative online events that drive strategic thinking, develop relevant and insightful skills, and focus on future-proofing your knowledge.
Velg Training wants to ensure you can access PD that suits you!


  • Wednesday Webinar events
  • National VET PD Week
  • Focus Week Webinars
  • Speed Training
  • Exclusive webinar series
  • Velg2Go online courses

Online not your style? Velg Training continues to host:

  • The National VET Conference
  • The VET CEO Conference
  • A suite of PD Your Way offerings!

Did you know that Velg Training offers a huge range of free PD?!  In order to continue to educate, inspire and empower the VET sector, Velg Training is committed to delivering complimentary PD to its Members and Followers.

As a Follower, keep your eye out for free Webinars, the bi-annual Staying Connected in VET eZine, and the weekly Follower Bulletin.

As a Member, you gain exclusive access to:

  • An extensive library of supportive resources, templates, samples and links
  • Complimentary Members Lunch Box Webinar Series (10 per year)
  • Weekly curated Member eNews
  • Access to 65+ VelgCasts

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VET Practitioner Research Network (VPRN)

VPRN logo

The VET Practitioner Research Network (VPRN) is a national, online network of VET practitioners interested in doing, supporting or using research to enhance their knowledge and practice.


Through the online portal members can:

  • Connect with other members, experienced and new to VET practitioner research
  • Link through to opportunities, agencies and organisations hosting, funding and disseminating VET research
  • Search the VET practitioner research repositories
  • Showcase and disseminate VET practitioner research papers and articles
  • Link to national and international research networks

The VPRN is committed to building a research culture in VET. It is supported by Victorian TAFE Association, VET Development Centre, NCVER, TAFE Directors Australia, AVETRA, ACEVic, ISS Institute, ACPET Victoria, several universities and other passionate stakeholders.

Membership of VPRN is free.

Victorian TAFE Association

VTA logoThe Victorian TAFE Association (VTA) is the peak body for Victorian TAFE institutes and dual sector universities. The Association represents the sector in dealings with government, industry and community stakeholders; harnesses and develops the collective capacity of the network; and facilitates collaboration between members.

VTA is an active supporter of the use of research to inform VET practice and our understanding of VET. The Association commissions research, publishes case studies from across the sector, hosts an applied research webinar series and provides resources and supports for VET practitioner researchers.

Visit the VTA website and click on the 'research' tab.

VTA publications in VOCEDplus



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