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    Managing flexible retirement and extended working lives

    This guide presents a range of information and resources to help higher education institutions (HEIs) develop their... Show more

    Authors: Moughton, Caroline; Manfredi, Simonetta

    Corporate authors: Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice. Oxford Brookes University (Great Britain)

    Date: 2011

    Geographic subjects: Great Britain; England; Europe

    Resource type: Guide

    Subjects: Higher education; Providers of education and training; Quality ... [+] Show more

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    The 2001 ASTD training and performance yearbook

    This yearbook provides current information on training and performance improvement. It is presented in six parts. P... Show more

    Authors: Woods, John A.; Cortada, James W.

    Date: 2001

    Geographic subjects: North America; United States

    Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

    Subjects: Performance; Technology; Workforce development ... [+] Show more

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    Wine and Grape Industry Employee Survey research report

    The SA Food, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Skills Advisory Council (FTH), with funding from the South Australia ... Show more

    Corporate authors: Food Tourism and Hospitality Industry Skills Advisory Council (South Australia) ... [+] Show more

    Date: 2007

    Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia; South Australia

    Resource type: Industry information

    Subjects: Career development; Workforce development; Industry ... [+] Show more

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    The importance of education and training human resources in times of economic crisis in Romania

    In Romania, employment is a priority, significant efforts being made to adapt the Romanian system to the European E... Show more

    Authors: Blaga, Petruta

    Date: 2011

    Geographic subjects: Romania; Europe

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: Romanian journal of economics

    Subjects: Governance; Management; Labour market ... [+] Show more

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    Rethinking and reimagining mergers in further and higher education: a human perspective

    Higher and further education in South Africa has been characterised by major changes regarding the shape and size o... Show more

    Authors: Wyngaard, Audrey; Kapp, Chris A.

    Date: 2004

    Geographic subjects: Africa; South Africa

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: South African journal of higher education

    Subjects: Higher education; Management; Research ... [+] Show more

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    Toolkit on competence profiles of labour inspectorates and inspectors in tackling undeclared work

    This toolkit aims to help human resource (HR) management within labour inspectorates to understand and respond to n... Show more

    Authors: Scharle, Agota; Broeck, Philippe Vanden

    Date: 2020

    Resource type: Guide

    Subjects: Policy; Management; Skills and knowledge

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    What is required to develop career pathways for teaching academics?

    Despite the rise of teaching academic (teaching only) roles in Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada, the experien... Show more

    Authors: Bennett, Dawn; Roberts, Lynne; Ananthram, Subramaniam ... [+] Show more

    Date: 2018

    Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: Higher education

    Subjects: Providers of education and training; Career development; Employment ... [+] Show more

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    HR4.0: shaping people strategies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is blurring the lines between people and technology. The impact of those cha... Show more

    Authors: Spagnoletto, Lyuba; AlabdulJabbar, Dianah; Jalihal, Harsha ... [+] Show more

    Date: 2019

    Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

    Series name: White paper (World Economic Forum)

    Subjects: Workforce development; Management; Technology

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    Retention in the workplace today: are we ready for Generation Y?

    They are called 'Echo boomers', 'Millenniums', 'Nexters', the 'Net Generation', the 'Digital Generation', or 'Gener... Show more

    Authors: Padgett, Verna L.; Maldonado, Cecilia; Saddler, Sterling

    Date: 2006

    Geographic subjects: North America; United States

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: Workforce education forum

    Subjects: Youth; Management; Employment ... [+] Show more

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    End of the ‘iron rice-bowl’: whither Chinese human resource management?

    This study examines the degree to which enterprise reforms in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have affected hu... Show more

    Authors: Ding, Daniel Z.; Goodall, Keith; Warner, Malcolm

    Date: 2000

    Geographic subjects: Asia; China

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: International journal of human resource management

    Subjects: Income; Industry; Management ... [+] Show more