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    Factors affecting attendance rate to continuing medical education activities in health directorate: Iraq 2013

    This paper examines continuing medical education (CME) activities in Kerbala health directorate affected by differe... Show more

    Authors: Al-bayaty, Mohammed Asa'ad; Asslan, Yusra Noori

    Date: 2014

    Geographic subjects: Iraq; Middle East

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: Journal of education and practice

    Subjects: Participation; Workforce development; Skills and knowledge ... [+] Show more

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    Perspectives on adult education, human resource development, and the emergence of workforce development

    This article presents a perspective on the relationship between adult education and human resource development of t... Show more

    Authors: Jacobs, Ronald L.

    Date: 2014

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: New horizons in adult education and human resource development

    Subjects: Workforce development; Adult and community education; Teaching and learning ... [+] Show more

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    Skillset and match, issue 20, September 2020

    'Skillset and match' is Cedefop's magazine promoting learning for work. This special issue looking at European voca... Show more

    Corporate authors: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)

    Date: 2020

    Geographic subjects: Europe; Croatia; Greece ... [+] Show more

    Resource type: Journal issue

    Subjects: Vocational education and training; Skills and knowledge; Providers of education and training ... [+] Show more

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    The influence of motivational orientations on academic achievement among working adults in continuing education

    This paper reports on a study of five motivational orientations in continuing education among working adults. The i... Show more

    Authors: Lee, Pei-Ling; Pang, Vincent

    Date: 2014

    Geographic subjects: Malaysia; Asia

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: International journal of training research

    Subjects: Teaching and learning; Students; Outcomes

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    Education, education, education!: the vision of lifelong learning in the Kennedy, Dearing and Fryer reports

    The year 1997 witnessed the publication of three major policy reports related to the development of lifelong learni... Show more

    Authors: Tight, Malcolm

    Date: 1998

    Geographic subjects: Europe; Great Britain

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: Oxford review of education

    Subjects: Lifelong learning; Policy; Higher education ... [+] Show more

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    Adult learning and the future of work

    This publication is intended to contribute to the debate on vocational and technical education in the context of li... Show more

    Authors: Singh, Madhu

    Date: 1999

    Resource type: Edited book

    Subjects: Vocational education and training; Lifelong learning; Adult and community education ... [+] Show more

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    Veterinary continuing professional development in a changing world

    The veterinary profession has time and again successfully adapted to new challenges and developments with considera... Show more

    Authors: Wieland, Barbara; Daborn, Christopher; Debnath, Nitish ... [+] Show more

    Date: 2021

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: Revue scientifique et technique = Scientific and technical review

    Subjects: Workforce development; Skills and knowledge; Industry ... [+] Show more

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    University continuing education in New Zealand

    In New Zealand there are four university-based centres for continuing education which provide non-credit short cour... Show more

    Authors: Geertshuis, Susan

    Date: 2008

    Geographic subjects: Oceania; New Zealand

    Resource type: Article

    Journal title: Journal of adult and continuing education

    Subjects: Participation; Higher education; Research ... [+] Show more

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    Women and learning

    This chapter explores one aspect of the theory and practice of contemporary adult education and training - women's ... Show more

    Authors: Knights, Susan

    Date: 2000

    Resource type: Article

    Subjects: Participation; Disadvantaged; Students ... [+] Show more

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    Philosophical context of environmental continuing education: does the content make a difference?

    All aspects of a system of belief will have implications for the content that is addressed in education about that ... Show more

    Authors: Bagnall, Richard G.

    Date: 1992

    Resource type: Article

    Subjects: Adult and community education; Research; Sustainability ... [+] Show more