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Title Author Date Type
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Education reform for the future of work: the shift to a knowledge society Asadullah, Mohammad Niaz; Choi, Tae Hee; Tilak, Jandhyala B. G.; Pastore, Francesco; Hwang, Gyu-hee; Shah, Chandra 2019 Book
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A comparison of postsecondary outcomes for Army service members, veterans, and civilians Barr, Andrew; Bird, Kelli; Castleman, Benjamin L.; Skimmyhorn, William 2019 Working paper
Predictive validity of a critical thinking assessment for post-college outcomes Zahner, Doris; James, Jessalynn K. 2015 Paper
Using technology to promote postsecondary success and savings: an evaluation of the University of Texas at Tyler's PATSS initiative Miller, Trey; Cunha, Jesse M.; Delello, Julie A.; Dossani, Rafiq; Marzilli, Thomas S. 2018 Report
The college of the future: the UK-wide final report from the Independent Commission on the College of the Future Independent Commission on the College of the Future 2020 Report
State of the art report on methods and tools for researching employers' practices and skills transferability across borders Baiocco, Sara; Lopez Uroz, Nina; Westhoff, Leonie 2020 Report
What future for apprenticeships after coronavirus? Ventura, Guglielmo 2020 Paper
Gender, achievement, and subject choice in English education Cavaglia, Chiara; Machin, Stephen; McNally, Sandra; Ruiz-Valenzuela, Jenifer 2020 Discussion paper
Why Asia must up female workforce participation: women hold the key to growing productivity in a sustainable way, as aging shrinks workforces Chin-Hui Lydia Hsiao 2018 Report
Teaching and Learning Circles: developing reflective practice and enhancing teaching culture Sutherland, Kathryn; Elgort, Irina; Tennent, Emma 2020 Report
Technicians and innovation: a literature review Lewis, Paul 2019 Report
Assessing the economic returns to Level 4 and 5 STEM-based qualifications: final report for the Gatsby Foundation Conlon, Gavan; Halterbeck, Maike 2017 Report
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US foreign-born essential workers by status and state, and the global pandemic Kerwin, Donald; Nicholson, Mike; Alulema, Daniela; Warren, Robert 2020 Report
Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce strategy 2020-24 Australian Government 2020 Policy document
Leadership in prison education: meeting the challenges of the new system Sanders, Angela 2020 Report
A human rights perspective on integration of disabled persons in the competitive labour market: evidence from the legislative frameworks of Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden and Belgium De Norre, Jolien; Cabus, Sofie J. 2020 Working paper