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The power of transportable skills: assessing the demand and value of the skills of the future Burning Glass Technologies (Firm) (U.S.); Project Lead The Way 2019 Report
Qualitative evidence on barriers to and facilitators of women's participation in higher or growing productivity and male-dominated labour market sectors in low- and middle-income countries Peters, H. Elizabeth; Irvin-Erickson, Yasemin; Adelstein, Shirley; Malik, Ammer A.; Derrick-Mills, Teresa; Valido, Alberto; Esplage, Dorothy 2019 Report
American dream vs American reality: how parents navigate and influence their kids' post-high school education American Student Assistance Corporation 2018 Report
Veterinary communication skills and training in the United Kingdom and the United States of America McDermott, Michael P. 2018 Thesis
Award of funding under the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) 2019 Report
Opportunities in change: responding to the future of work Biddle, Nicholas; Cavanough, Edward 2019 Report
Conceptualising routes to employability in higher education: the case of education studies Hevia, David Menendez Alvarez; Naylor, Steven 2019 Article
Ten years after: the 'success story' of the European qualifications framework Bohlinger, Sandra 2019 Article
'We had support from our brothers': a critical race counter-narrative inquiry into second-generation Black Caribbean male youth responses to discriminatory work pathways Briggs, Anthony Q. 2019 Article
Barriers to the labour market for unemployed graduates in South Africa Graham, Lauren; Williams, Leilanie; Chisoro, Charity 2019 Article
Forms of capital in working-class students' transition from university to employment Lehmann, Wolfgang 2019 Article
Contributive justice: social class and graduate employment in the UK Morrison, Andrew 2019 Article
From dreams to reality: market forces and changes from occupational intention to occupational choice Jaik, Katharina; Wolter, Stefan C. 2019 Article
Underemployment of highly qualified labour in advanced capitalism: trends and prospects Livingstone, David W. 2019 Article
Parallel lines or divergent trajectories?: a response to the other contributions Keep, Ewart 2019 Article
FE and skills: is the 'UK laboratory' open for expansive policy learning? Hodgson, Ann; Spours, Ken; Gallacher, Jim; Irwin, Tracy; James, David 2019 Article
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