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Title Author Date Type
Digitalisation of TVET and skills development: leveraging technology to support lifelong learning International Labour Organisation (ILO) 2021 Paper
Final evaluation of UNESCO's Technical and Vocational Education and Training Strategy 2016-2021 Broek, Simon; Bennett, Eliza 2021 Report
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Artificial intelligence and employment: new cross-country evidence Georgieff, Alexandre; Hyee, Raphaela 2021 Working paper
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How are higher education systems in OECD countries resourced?: evidence from an OECD Policy Survey Golden, Gillian; Troy, Lisa; Weko, Thomas 2021 Working paper
Resourcing higher education in Denmark: thematic policy brief Boeskens, Luka; Roy, Simon 2021 Report
Labour shortages through the eyes of Australian business: how prevalent is it, expectations and how might it be resolved? Pearson, Dean; De lure, Robert 2021 Report
Social mobility in the time of COVID: assessing the social mobility implications of COVID-19 Eyles, Andrew 2021 Report
Help wanted: an examination of hiring algorithms, equity, and bias Bogen, Miranda; Rieke, Aaron 2018 Report
Essential work: analyzing the hiring technologies of large hourly employers Rieke, Aaron; Janardan, Urmila; Hsu, Mingwei; Duarte, Natasha 2021 Report
Individualism, human capital formation, and labor market success Hartinger, Katharina; Resnjanskij, Sven; Ruhose, Jens; Wiederhold, Simon 2021 Working paper
Youth, work and 'career' as a way of talking about the self Farrugia, David 2021 Article
German-style dual apprenticeship training in the Greater Shanghai Area: spatial agglomeration dynamics Wiemann, Judith 2021 Article
Employers' behavioural responses to the introduction of an apprenticeship levy in England: an ex ante assessment Gambin, Lynn; Hogarth, Terence 2021 Article
Useful drawers or oversimplification?: realm and aptitude of the Varieties of Capitalism approach in international comparison of investment patterns in vocational adult education Reichart, Elisabeth; Kaufmann, Katrin 2021 Article
'It doesn't take much force': the negotiation of gender by two women motor mechanic apprentices through the biographical lens Brockmann, Michaela 2021 Article