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Transforming engineering students into student engineers: improving learning outcomes and employability: final report Foley, Bernadette; Gill, Tiffany; Palmer, Edward; Senadji, Bouchra; Martinez-Marroquin, Elisa 2019 Report
The contribution of becoming reflective on the employability of teachers and social workers Ewing, Robyn; Fleming, Josephine; Smith, David; Waugh, Fran; Chambers, Belinda 2019 Report
Evaluation of the National Youthreach Programme Smyth, Emer; Banks, Joanne; O'Sullivan, Jessica; McCoy, Selina; Redmond, Paul; McGuinness, Seamus 2019 Report
Senior cycle review: analysis of discussions in schools on senior cycle pathways and structures in Ireland Smyth, Emer 2019 Working paper
Senior cycle review: analysis of discussions in schools on the purpose of senior cycle education in Ireland Banks, Joanne; McCoy, Selina; Smyth, Emer 2018 Working paper
Snapshot of Australia's agricultural workforce Binks, Bill; Stenekes, Nyree; Kruger, Heleen; Kancans, Robert 2018 Paper
Bridges to the future: GAP Taskforce on Youth Transitions report Global Access Partners (Firm) 2019 Report
How do teachers perceive career structure reforms and how does this affect the profession? Chimier, Chloe; Tournier, Barbara 2019 Report
Why reform teacher careers and what models are emerging? Chimier, Chloe; Tournier, Barbara 2019 Report
Women, business and the law 2020 World Bank (IBRD) 2020 Report
Skills and jobs mismatches in low- and middle-income countries Comyn, Paul; Strietska-Ilina, Olga; Bergin, Adele; Delaney, Judith M.; Handel. Michael J.; McGuinness, Seamus; Kupets, Olga; Pouliakas, Konstantinos; Redmond, Paul 2019 Book
How the perceived quality of in-company training matters: a study with apprentices in technical and retail occupations Berger, Jean-Louis; Wenger, Matilde; Sauli, Florinda; Marhuenda, Fernando; Chisvert-Tarazona, Maria Jose 2019 Conference
Making pathways?: a mixed methods analysis of young women who have left school early in 'the new work order' Ravn, Signe; Churchill, Brenda 2019 Article
Work-ready graduates: the role of co-op programs in labour market success Wyonch, Rosalie 2020 Report
Using video in initial and continuing vocational training and development Lansitie, Janne; Pousi, Juha; Karjalainen, Tommi; Stanley, Julian 2019 Guide
Using video in teacher training and development Lansitie, Janne; Pousi, Juha; Karjalainen, Tommi; Stanley, Julian 2019 Guide
Tracing technical and vocational education graduates in Palestine: graduates of GIZ and Enabel programmes: 2018 tracer study results Frech, Benjamin; Mostinckx, Laure; Maseda, Martino Rubal; Van den Eynde, Kristien 2019 Report
The power of demonstration: supporting reform of professional development for vocational teachers and trainers Stanley, Julian 2019 Report
Policy dialogue in vocational education: what role for civil society organisations?: a pilot survey in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Foubert, Thierry; Folisi, Floriana 2019 Report
The impact of the manufacturing decline on local labour markets in Canada Morissette, Rene 2020 Paper