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Improving health outcomes in rural and remote Australia: optimising the contribution of nurses Whitehead, Lisa; Quinn, Robyn; Bryce, Julianne; Christian, Caral; Fitzsimons, Jennifer; Gascard, Debbie; Kelly, Mary; Manias, Elizabeth; Rolleston, Ros 2018 Discussion paper
Digital mentoring in Australian communities Dezuanni, Michael; Marshall, Amber; Cross, Amy; Burgess, Jean; Mitchell, Peta 2019 Report
Low pay but still we stay: retention in early childhood education and care McDonald, Paula; Thorpe, Karen; Irvine, Susan Lee 2018 Article
Regional collaboration to create a high-skilled workforce: evaluation of the Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge grants Angus, Megan Hague; Bellotti, Jeanne; English, Brittany; Boraas, Stephanie; Hollenbeck, Kevin; Osborn, Sarah 2017 Report
Report on the referencing of the Finnish National Qualifications Framework to the European Qualifications Framework and the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area Louko, Saara; Blomqvist, Carita 2018 Report
Cambodia's future jobs: linking to the economy of tomorrow Cunningham, Wendy; Hollweg, Claire H.; Buba, Johanne; Chea, Marong; Lathapipat, Dilaka; Lee, Une; Lopez, Anne; Ly, Sodeth; Nguyen, Lan; Sanchez, Miguel; Shrestha, Maheshwor 2019 Report
Male participation in nursing and allied health higher education courses Research Works (Firm) 2020 Report
What future for vocational education and training in Europe? European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) 2018 Paper
Mind the gap: e-learning and the quest for lifelong learning Tran, Hong Hanh 2019 Thesis
Supporting learners with special needs: identifying strategies to improve participation in VET and sustainable employment opportunities within the hospitality industry Singh, Gurpreet 2019 Report
STEM education and training strategy for Scotland: first annual report Scotland. Scottish Government 2019 Annual report
STEM strategy for education and training in Scotland: second annual report Scotland. Scottish Government 2020 Annual report
A comparative study on the frequency of simulation-based training and assessment of non-technical skills in the Norwegian ground ambulance services and helicopter emergency medical services Langdalen, Henrik; Abrahamsen, Eirik B.; Sollid, Stephen J. M.; Sorskar, Leif Inge K.; Abrahamsen, Hakon B. 2018 Article
Targeted simulation-based leadership training for trauma team leaders Rosenman, Elizabeth D.; Vrablik, Marie C.; Brolliar, Sarah M.; Chipman, Anne K.; Fernandez, Rosemarie 2019 Article
Improving nontechnical skills of an interprofessional emergency medical team through a one day crisis resource management training Truta, Teodora Sorana; Boeriu, Cristian Marius; Copotoiu, Sanda-Maria; Petrisor, Marius; Turucz, Emilia; Vatau, Dan; Lazarovici, Marc 2018 Article
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): Education and Training Strategy for Scotland Scotland. Scottish Government 2017 Report
Understanding the return on investment from TVET: a practical guide Schueler, Jane; Loveder, Phil 2020 Guide
Feasibility study and evaluation of non-traditional occupation demonstrations Poe-Yamagata, Eileen; Nanda, Neha; Corea, Carolyn; Patterson, Luke; Mian, Paula; Zhang, Chris; Roy, Manan 2018 Report
Supporting self-employment as a reemployment strategy: impacts of a pilot program for dislocated workers after 18 months Hock, Heinrich; Anderson, Mary Anne; Santillano, Robert; Amin, Samia; Jones, Christopher; Joyce, Kristen; Nicolai, Natasha; Manley, Mikia; Perez-Johnson, Irma 2018 Report
Comparing state and national approaches to education and training program scorecards: final report Davis, Scott; Wandner, Stephen; Jacobson, Louis 2017 Report