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Why computing?: motivations and mathematics to pursue postsecondary CIS education Perry, Anthony M. 2022 Article
Leadership competencies and the essential role of human resource development in times of crisis: a response to COVID-19 pandemic Dirani, Khalil M.; Abadi, Mehrangiz; Alizadeh, Amin; Barhate, Bhagyashree; Capuchino, Rosemary Gaza; Gunasekara, Noeline; Ibrahim, Ghassan; Majzun, Zachery 2020 Article
Exploring the impact of 4IR on skills and personal qualities for future accountants: a proposed conceptual framework for university accounting education Tsiligiris, Vangelis; Bowyer, Dorothea 2021 Article
Careers after COVID-19: challenges and changes Hite, Linda M.; McDonald, Kimberly S. 2020 Article
Distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: students' communication and collaboration and the role of social media Zarzycka, Ewelina; Krasodomska, Joanna; Mazurczak-Maka, Anna; Turek-Radwan, Monika 2021 Article
Developing operational accounting competencies during the pandemic using emergency online learning Yanto, Heri; Hidayah, Retnoningrum; Hajawiyah, Ain; Baroroh, Niswah; Wibowo, Agus 2021 Article
Does the changing world of professional work need a new approach to accounting education? Herbert, Ian P.; Rothwell, Andrew T.; Glover, Jane L.; Lambert, Stephanie A. 2021 Article
Engaging students in a fully online accounting degree: an action research study Malan, Marelize 2020 Article
Insights into accounting education in a COVID-19 world Sangster, Alan; Stoner, Greg; Flood, Barbara 2020 Article
Developing intersubjectivity and teamwork skills through learning circles on clinical placement: a mixed methods study van de Mortel, Thea; Billett, Stephen; Armit, Lyn; Frommolt, Valda; Mitchell, Creina; Mitchell, Marion; Shaw, Julie; Grealish, Laurie 2021 Article
Impact of instructional practices on soft-skill competencies Green-Weir, Robbya R.; Anderson, David; Carpenter, Robert 2021 Article
Parental expectations of children's higher education participation in Australia Dockery, Michael; Koshy, Paul; Li, Ian W. 2022 Article
Vocational education teachers: perspectives on the standing of their educational sector and how it might be improved Billett, Stephen; Choy, Sarojni; Le, Anh Hai; Hodge, Steven 2022 Article
Global employment trends for youth 2022: investing in transforming futures for young people International Labour Office (ILO) 2022 Report
Self-identified professional development needs of Virginia career and technical education teachers Lupton, Gary Taylor 2021 Thesis
The role of education system in preparing youth for agricultural career decisions and aspirations: exploring ways to attract more youth to engage in agriculture and agricultural entrepreneurship in Tanzania Shayo, Asha Habibu 2020 Thesis
Leaning online education during COVID-19 pandemic: attitudes and perceptions of non-traditional adult learners Singh, Jitendra; Matthees, Barbara; Odetunde, AnaLisa 2021 Article
The response of German business schools to international accreditation in global competition Sziegat, Hongmei 2021 Article
Using a simulation-based process to select applicants: enhancing quality evaluation of a teacher education programme Levin, Orna; Paryente, Bilha 2021 Article
Curbing the drawbacks of digitization on psycho-social risks at work in educational institutions: preliminary evidence from Europe Palumbo, Rocco 2021 Article