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Title Author Date Type
Building the future workforce: a state playbook to shape a new age in federal infrastructure investments Mortiere, Patrick; Johnson, Melissa; DeRenzis, Brooke; LaPrad, Jeannine 2023 Report, paper or authored book
Vocational education and training (VET) career pathways for school students living with disability: working with employers Fischer, Sarah; Kilpatrick, Sue 2023 Article
Building future-ready vocational education and training systems Bornacelly, Ivan; Jeon, Shinyoung; Kis, Viktoria; Kuczera, Malgorzata; Torres, Rodrigo 2023 Report, paper or authored book
Assessment reform for the age of artificial intelligence Lodge, Jason M.; Howard, Sarah; Bearman, Margaret; Dawson, Phillip 2023 Government report or paper
Emerging trends in AI skill demand across 14 OECD countries Borgonovi, Francesca; Calvino, Flavio; Criscuolo, Chiara; Nania, Julia; Nitschke, Julia; O'Kane, Layla; Samek, Lea; Seitz, Helke 2023 Report, paper or authored book
How hybrid working from home works out Bloom, Nicholas; Han, Ruobing; Liang, James 2023 Report, paper or authored book
Retention in public services: how can government keep workers in the NHS, schools and police? Fright, Matthew; Davies, Nick; Richards, Gil 2023 Report, paper or authored book
Can vocational education improve schooling and labour outcomes?: evidence from a large expansion Ferreira, Joao R.; Martins, Pedro 2023 Report, paper or authored book
Decent work challenges and opportunities in Malaysia's rubber glove supply chain ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific 2023 Report, paper or authored book
Closing the activation gap: converting potential to performance by upskilling the workforce DeVry University [2023] Report, paper or authored book
What are the implications of a levy on international student fees? Ziguras, Christopher; Croucher, Gwilym 2023 Report, paper or authored book
A systematic review of Australian higher education students' and graduates' work readiness Orr, Poppy; Forsyth, Loch; Caballero, Catherine Lissette; Rosenberg, Caroline; Walker, Arlene 2023 Article
Validating and applying an adapted OSLQ to examine adult learners' online self-regulation Lin, Feng; Lim, Lyndon; Ho, Yan Yin; Tan, Bao Zhen; Lim, Wei Ying 2023 Article
Indigenous university pathways, WIL and the strengthening of aspirations: Robbie's journey as a learner Stahl, Garth; McDonald, Sarah; Stokes, Jennifer 2023 Article
Gatekeeping v. marketing: English language proficiency as a university admission requirement in Australia Bodis, Agnes 2023 Article
Barriers, challenges, and supports for family caregivers in science, engineering, and medicine: proceedings of two symposia Wullert, Katie; Whitacre, Paula 2023 Report, paper or authored book
Rethinking veterinary education Scott-Orr, Helen; Guilford, Grant; Rhind, Susan 2023 Industry information
Influence of community college personnel on degree aspirations and upward transfer intentions of hospitality management students in California community colleges Lew, Ernest; Naig, Anirudh 2023 Article
The persistence of African American female students in community colleges Ebanks, Gilda; Francois, Samantha 2023 Article
Remembering new vocationalism: reinforcing the future of workforce and professional development in the community college Neuhouser, Jeffry D.; Latz, Amanda O.; Mulvihill, Thalia M. 2023 Article