The future of work in Europe: automation, workforce transitions, and the shifting geography of employment


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This discussion paper focuses on longer-term trends affecting employment in more than 1,000 local and regional labor markets across Europe at a time when automation adoption is gathering pace. The research was mostly conducted before [Coronavirus Disease 2019] COVID-19 sparked a twin global health and economic crisis. It is too early to tell how the crisis will evolve, but the paper suggests that decisions government and business leaders make today in response to COVID-19 will need to factor in the longer-term trends identified here. The crisis could accelerate some of the trends...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Employment; Labour market; Technology; Demographics; Outcomes

Keywords: Technological change; Automation; Regional disparity; Labour supply; Skill shortage; Skill needs; Occupational structure; Displaced worker; Trend; Future; Policy implications

Geographic subjects: Europe

Published: [New York, New York]: McKinsey Global Institute, 2020

Physical description: iv, 44 p.

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Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

Document number: TD/TNC 140.918

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