Planning for success: graduates' career planning and its effect on graduate outcomes

This report presents findings from the planning for success survey, which examined student outcomes and career planning strategies. The report looks to: (1) understand career planning strategies and how they affect student outcomes; and (2) identify factors associated with positive graduate outcomes. The study examined a cohort of UK domiciled students who completed their full-time undergraduate study in 2011/12 and were aged 18-21 at the outset of their study. The cohort consisted of 7,500 students drawn from 27 institutions. The study combined data from the six month Destination of Leavers f ... Show more

Authors: Shury, Jan; Vivian, David; Turner, Catherine; Downing, Christabel

Published: Manchester, England, Department for Education, 2017

Resource type: Government report or paper

Physical description: 146 p. (report) + 91 p. (technical annex)

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