Forever in your debt: who has student loan debt, and who's worried?

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Author: Ratcliffe, Caroline; McKernan, Signe-Mary


Outstanding student loan balances in the United States total roughly $1 trillion, with student loan debt following one of every five adults. People across the income, age, and educational attainment spectrums have student loan debt, but it is particularly concentrated in some groups. African Americans and Hispanics are about twice as likely to have student loan debt as whites. Fifty-seven per cent of people with student loans are concerned that they may be unable to repay that debt. This concern cuts across demographic and economic groups but is more prevalent among people with children,...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Finance; Students; Outcomes; Demographics; Gender; Employment; Income; Statistics; Research; Qualifications

Keywords: Graduates; Minority group; Age; Ethnicity; Analysis; Outcomes of education and training; Educational level

Geographic subjects: North America; United States

Published: Washington, District of Columbia: Urban Institute, 2013

Physical description: 10 p.

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Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 113.504

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