Pride and prejudice: how do they matter to career development?


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Author: Arulmani, Gideon


This paper examines the impact of occupational pride and prejudice on the emergence of varying orientations to work, career and livelihoods and the implications this has for careers research and the practice of career counselling in a rapidly globalising world. [The author] considers key issues to understanding barriers to inclusion, including the mindsets, attitudes and beliefs prevalent within cultures that differentially influence career choice.

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Subjects: Research; Career development; Employment; Equity; Culture and society

Keywords: Career choice; Career awareness; Career guidance; Workplace change; Career counselling; Attitude; Cultural aspects; Equal treatment

Geographic subjects: Great Britain; Europe

Published: Derby, England: Centre for Guidance and Studies, University of Derby, 2007

Physical description: 14 p.

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ISBN: 0901437794

Resource type: Report, paper or authored book

Document number: TD/TNC 110.1323

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