How young people are faring 2011

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Author: Robinson, Lyn; Long, Michael; Lamb, Stephen


This is the 13th edition in an annual series on the employment and education situation of young Australians. A particular focus of this report is on the transition to work. The question of how successful young people are at moving into the labour market is particularly significant at a time of global economic uncertainty. The report shows two significant long-term trends: (1) the stability of working life for young people has steadily decreased; and (2) Australia’s economic prosperity is consistently not being passed on to many young people.

Subjects: Youth; Teaching and learning; Employment; Research; Participation; Labour market; Qualifications

Keywords: Survey; Employability; Employment status; Education and training opportunity; Labour force participation; Labour mobility; Youth at risk; Educational level; Transition from education and training to employment

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Melbourne, Victoria: Foundation for Young Australians, 2011

Physical description: 67 p.

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Also called: How young people are faring 2011: the national report on the learning and work situation of young Australians

Statement of responsibility: [Prepared by Lyn Robinson, Mike Long and Stephen Lamb].

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 106.893

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