Small business employment


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Author: Revesz, John; Lattimore, Ralph

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Australia. Productivity Commission


This report examines the changing size distribution of firms and, in particular, some implications of the growing importance of smaller firms in the Australian economy. The report is divided into six chapters. The economics of small business labour markets and the policy implications of the report are contained in chapter six. The other chapters provide a detailed analysis of four main areas: (1) aggregate trends in the share of small business in employment between 1983 and 1995; (2) the extent to which changes in employment shares cast light on the job creation of various firm size...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Outcomes; Industry; Income; Statistics; Employment

Keywords: Trend; Small business; Wage; Data analysis; Employment creation; Job requirements

Geographic subjects: Oceania; Australia

Published: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory: Industry Commission, 1997

Physical description: xiv, 201 p.

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ISBN: 0646335219

Statement of responsibility: John Revesz, Ralph Lattimore

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 81.79

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