Towards the connected learning society: an international overview of trends in policy for information and communication technology in education


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Author: Kearns, Peter


This document reports on a study of policies for information and communication technology (ICT) in education and training, a component in a project undertaken for the Australian Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). It was specified that the following jurisdictions and agencies should be included in the study. Countries include Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA. States/provinces include all Australian states and territories, California, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. International...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Technology; Policy; Skills and knowledge

Keywords: Policy formation; Government policy; Educational policy; Communication skill

Geographic subjects: Oceania; North America; Asia; Europe; Australia; Canada; Finland; Ireland; Malaysia; New Zealand; Singapore; Sweden; Great Britain; United States

Published: Kambah, Australian Capital Territory: Global Learning Services, 2002

Physical description: 156 p.

Statement of responsibility: Peter Kearns

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 73.277

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