Rethinking veterinary education


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Author: Scott-Orr, Helen; Guilford, Grant; Rhind, Susan


Veterinarians make a critically important contribution to society. They care for the health and welfare of companion animals, livestock, performance animals such as horses, laboratory animals and wildlife. They help to ensure livestock production systems are efficient yet maintain high welfare standards. Vets also play vital roles in defending Australasia's high biosecurity status, protecting public health, assuring food safety, and conserving wildlife species. Yet there is an emerging critical shortage of veterinarians to fill these roles in Australia and New Zealand, a situation that...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Higher education; Providers of education and training; Teaching and learning; Students; Industry; Employment; Skills and knowledge; Finance; Research

Keywords: Future; Occupation; Occupational research; Skill shortage; Skill needs; Job skill; Skill development; University; Admission requirements; Curriculum development; Course design; Relevance of education and training; Education industry relationship; Education work relationship; Regulation; Cost; Funding; Government role; Partnership in education and training; International students; Wellbeing; Graduates; Transition from education and training to employment; Mentoring; Rural; Professional development; Recommendations

Geographic subjects: Australia; New Zealand; Oceania

Published: [Place of publication not identified]: Veterinary Schools of Australia and New Zealand, 2023

Physical description: [86] p. (report) + 2 p. (terms of reference) + 14 p. (discussion paper)

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Also called: Rethinking veterinary education: securing Australasia's future in biosecurity, food production, One Health and animal welfare; Independent expert review of the veterinary science education capability of Australia and New Zealand

Resource type: Industry information

Document number: TD/TNC 154.81

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