Technical change, globalisation and the labour market: British and American experience since 1620


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Author: Allen, Robert Carson


This study is part of the [Institute for Fiscal Studies] IFS Deaton Review of Inequalities, chaired by Angus Deaton, which aims to assemble the evidence on the causes and consequences of different forms of inequalities in the UK and the ways that they can best be reduced or mitigated. There will be two phases of work: commissioned studies and commentaries on a large number of key themes; the development of comprehensive and practical policy guidance. The UK economy is not performing well. GDP is growing slowly. Labour productivity lags behind most of western Europe. Inequality is also...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Technology; Globalisation; Income; Outcomes; Equity

Keywords: History; Technological change; Employment pattern; Wage rate; Return on education and training; Regional; Trend; Industrial restructuring; Productivity; Economic impact

Geographic subjects: United States; North America; Great Britain; Europe

Published: London, England: Institute for Fiscal Studies, 2021

Physical description: 76 p.

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Statement of responsibility: Bob Allen

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 146.809

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