Fast forward?: where next for the labour market


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Author: Evans, Stephen; Aldridge, Fiona


The [Coronavirus Disease 2019] pandemic has had a profound effect on the UK labour market. It also saw profound changes to the way we live and work. Now the economy is reopening and adjusting. Vacancies are at record levels, but employment remains lower then before the pandemic showing we need to do more to help those out of work find available work. But it is unclear to what extent the economy and life will return to pre-pandemic patterns, or whether the pandemic has led to a permanent step change in longstanding structural shifts. This report explores these issues, including through...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Employment; Quality; Equity; Policy; Economics

Keywords: Economic conditions; Government role; Policy implications; Labour relations; Conditions of employment; Unemployment; Unemployed; Employment service; Financial aid; Retraining; Occupational health and safety; Displaced worker; Employment opportunity; Employment creation

Geographic subjects: Great Britain; Europe

Published: Leicester, England: Learning and Work Institute, 2021

Physical description: 29 p.

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Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 146.735

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