Learning pathways between university, school and working life when student teachers use digital multimodal logbooks to cross boundaries


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This study aims to provide insight into the learning processes that take place when vocational student teachers work with multimodal digital logbooks at the campus and between school and placement. The study will highlight vocational student teachers' experiences of using logbooks between university and practicum as well as between school and pupils' practicum. It will also highlight how student teachers learn when working with logbooks. The data consist of transcripts from eight interviews with vocational student teachers about their experiences of working with a digital, multimodal...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Pathways; Providers of education and training; Teaching and learning; Technology

Keywords: Perception; Vocational teachers; Student teachers; Student placement; University; Secondary school; Data collecting; Online system; Initial training; Continuing vocational education and training; Learning process; Professional development; Educational technology; Pedagogics

Published: Muttenz and Bern, Switzerland: European Research Network on Vocational Education and Training, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and Bern University of Teacher Education, 2021

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