Learning the right skill: the returns to social, technical and basic skills for middle-educated graduates

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Author: Cnossen, Femke; Piracha, Matloob; Tchuente, Guy


Technological change and globalization have sparked debates on the changing demand for skills in western labour markets, especially for middle skilled workers who have seen their tasks replaced. This paper provides a new data set, which is based on text data from curricula of the entire Dutch vocational education system. We extract verbs and nouns to measure social, technical and basic skills in a novel way. This method allows us to uncover the skills middle-skilled students learn in school. Using this data, we show that skill returns vary across students specialized in STEM, economics...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Skills and knowledge; Vocational education and training; Outcomes

Keywords: Workplace change; Curriculum; Return on education and training; Relevance of education and training; Graduates; Skilled worker; Education work relationship; Labour demand; Soft skills; Basic skill; Job skill

Geographic subjects: Netherlands; Europe

Published: Essen, Germany: Global Labor Organization (GLO), 2021

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Series: GLO discussion paper series; no. 979

Resource type: Discussion paper

Document number: TD/TNC 146.721

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