Calling older workers back to work

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Author: Grigoli, Francesco; Koczan, Zsoka; Topalova, Petia


Population aging in advanced economies could have significant macroeconomic implications, unless more individuals choose to participate in labor markets. In this context, the steep increase in the share of older workers who remain economically active since the mid-1990s is an overlooked yet encouraging trend. We identify the drivers of the rise in participation of the elderly relying on cross-country and individual-level data from advanced economies over the past three decades. Our findings suggest that the bulk of the increase in their participation is driven by gains in educational...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Demographics; Participation; Policy; Outcomes

Keywords: Ageing population; Ageing workforce; Technological change; Economic impact; Older worker; Labour force participation; Government policy; Retirement; Attainment; Trend; Data analysis

Published: Essen, Germany: Global Labor Organization (GLO), 2021

Physical description: 12 p.

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Series: GLO discussion paper series; no. 762

Resource type: Discussion paper

Document number: TD/TNC 146.727

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