Literature review labour migration: an exploratory study into the shortages of qualified personnel at the upper secondary vocational level and the possibilities and limitations of employing migrants


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Attracting and retaining migrants can have many benefits for the host country and its economy, for example to mitigate skills shortages. Regulating immigration may prevent several negative consequences of a shrinking and ageing population. However, research and policy often focus on the highly skilled or so-called knowledge migrants (kennismigranten) as a source of human capital, which can increase innovation and a country's competitiveness. A group of labour migrants that receives significantly less attention from research and policy, are the medium-skilled migrant workers. Although it...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Migration; Labour market; Industry; Skills and knowledge; Policy

Keywords: Literature review; Labour supply; Labour demand; Labour mobility; Skill shortage; Skilled worker; Skilled migration; Skill certification; Equivalence of qualifications; Legal aspect; Workforce planning; European Union

Geographic subjects: Netherlands; Europe

Published: Maastricht, Netherlands: Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market, Maastricht University, 2021

Physical description: 130 p. (report) + 10 p. (summary - Dutch language version)

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Series: ROA technical report; no. ROA-TR-2021/5

ISSN: 2666-884X

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 146.384

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