Supporting pathways in learning and life: non-accredited training within the New South Wales Adult and Community Education (ACE) program

While accredited education is a mainstay of the New South Wales (NSW) Adult and Community Education (ACE) sector's delivery of quality training, in recent years non-accredited programs have been playing an increasingly vital role within the range of courses offered by the colleges. ACE forms part of an approach by state governments to providing lower-cost and/or fee-free training to students, particularly those from a disadvantaged background, who are interested in pursuing vocational education. In NSW, as well as allocating funds to more traditional vocational education, a proportion of the A ... Show more

Authors: Cloutman, Jim

Published: Sydney, New South Wales, NSW Department of Education, 2021

Resource type: Government report or paper

Physical description: 50 p. (report) + 8 training resources

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