Immigration and the success of Canada's post-pandemic economy


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Author: Feenan, Katherine; Madhany, Shamira


Many highly skilled immigrants in Canada are working well below their potential. The country does a good job of attracting immigrants, but after welcoming them, many immigrants face barriers to finding job opportunities commensurate with their skills, experience and education. But international credential recognition and the unequal socio-economic impacts of [Coronavirus Disease 2019] COVID-19 on the immigrant population are just two of the issues involved in what is a growing problem for Canada's economy. The coronavirus forced the government to temporarily halt immigration, a major...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Migration; Workforce development; Economics

Keywords: Immigration; Skilled migration; Skill shortage; Economic conditions; Social change; Social conditions; Skill needs; Skill development

Geographic subjects: Canada; North America

Published: Toronto, Ontario: Future Skills Centre, 2021

Physical description: viii, 35 p.

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ISBN: 9781774520543

Resource type: Report

Document number: TD/TNC 144.473

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