Options paper: incentivising tradeswork and shiftwork post COVID-19


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Author: Wherrett, Connor; Zerbib, Felix


2020 fundamentally changed the way millions of Australians lived and worked. However, much of the discourse during 2020 was focused on two key shared experiences: (1) the first was a transition from office work to working-from-home (WFH); (2) the second shared experience is that of those who experienced being stood down, or not working at all during the pandemic. This paper from New South Wales highlights a third cohort of workers, suggesting their experience during the pandemic is often overlooked. These 'forgotten workers' are the tradeworkers, apprentices, shiftworkers and technical...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Apprenticeship; Traineeship; Industry; Workforce development; Policy

Keywords: Skill shortage; Labour demand; Career choice; Working conditions; Government role; Policy implications

Geographic subjects: New South Wales; Australia; Oceania

Published: Sydney, New South Wales: McKell Institute, 2021

Physical description: 32 p.

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Also called: Options paper: incentivising tradeswork and shiftwork post Coronavirus Disease 2019

Resource type: Paper

Document number: TD/TNC 144.634

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