Expressions of value in education: credit, money and the case of foreign qualification recognition in Australia's skilled migration program


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Author: Hurley, Peter


This study examines the nature of expressions of value in education. It uses monetary theory to argue that representations like qualifications have the same three functions as money. These functions are as a measure of value, a store of value and a medium of exchange. To explore these issues in a real-life situation, this study uses foreign qualification recognition (FQR) in Australia's skilled migration program, which is a process used to determine who can migrate to Australia. The study finds that rather than assessing skill, the process recognises the credit relations associated with...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Qualifications; Outcomes; Migration; Skills and knowledge; Policy

Keywords: Return on education and training; Measurement; Human capital; Skilled migration; Skill certification; Political aspects; Policy analysis; Case study

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: Melbourne, Victoria: Monash University, 2020

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Statement of responsibility: Peter Joseph Hurley

Resource type: Thesis

Document number: TD/TNC 143.581

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