Adult training in the digital age

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Author: Bode, Eckhardt; Gold, Robert


Digital technologies will both create new jobs and replace existing ones. To cope with increasing labor market dynamics in the digital age, workers will have to become more mobile across jobs, occupations, and industries. The relative importance of their job-specific skills will decrease while that of their general skills applicable to various occupations will increase. The [Group of Twenty] G20 should establish national adult training programs that focus on improving workers' general skills, specifically their theoretical, non-cognitive, and digital skills. These general skills will...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Adult and community education; Technology; Skills and knowledge; Labour market; Governance

Keywords: Adult learning; Technological change; Soft skills; Digital skills; Employability; Labour mobility; Labour demand; Funding

Published: Kiel, Germany: Kiel Institute for the World Economy, 2018

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Journal volume: 12

Journal number: 2018-36

Journal date: 2018

Pages: pp. 1-14

ISSN: 1864-6042

Resource type: Article

Document number: TD/TNC 142.123

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