How technology adoption and trade are shaping Indonesian labor markets

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Author: Viollaz, Mariana; Darko, Francis Addeah; Mason, Andrew D.


This paper analyzes the simultaneous impacts and interplay of exports and technology adoption on the demand for different types of skills and aggregate labor market indicators in Indonesia over a period characterized by a commodity boom (2005-10) and a period of declining exports (2011-15). The results for the 2005-10 sub-period are in line with the evidence available for developed countries, that is, technology is complementary to analytical and soft skills and is labor-saving, while exports are labor increasing. In 2011-15, the relationship between technology and skills, and between...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Technology; Labour market; Employment; Skills and knowledge

Keywords: Data analysis; Employment pattern; Labour force participation; Occupational structure; Technological change; Skill needs; Trend

Geographic subjects: Indonesia; Asia

Published: Washington, District of Columbia: World Bank, 2019

Physical description: 59 p.

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Resource type: Working paper

Call number: TD/TNC 139.668

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