Defining work tools: studying effects of digitalising work tools

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Author: Helmrich, Robert; Tiemann, Michael


Change in the world of work, be it in the form of digitalisation or other, is often discussed in broad terms of possible losses of jobs or huge restructurings of whole branches. Seldom do we look at what workers actually do at their workplaces - and how. But obviously technological change will affect the things we work with, our work tools. This reader combines empirically grounded insights into how changes in work tools affect our work and how we react to it. In this sense it is a 'hands-on' approach to find out more about the impacts digitalisation might have on qualification and the...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Technology; Industry; Skills and knowledge; Qualifications

Keywords: Trend; Technological change; Skill needs; Skill development; Digital skills; Job requirements; Information literacy; Workplace change

Published: Bonn, Germany: BIBB, 2020

Physical description: 108 p.

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ISBN: 9783847429920 (print); 9783962081430 (online)

Statement of responsibility: Robert Helmrich and Michael Tiemann, editors

Resource type: Book

Call number: TD/TNC 139.663

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