Hands-on: new suggestions to reform the vocational sector in New Zealand


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Author: Rother, Natanael


The opportunities of industry-based qualifications are highly underestimated in New Zealand. It is therefore laudable that earlier this month, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins proposed reforms to the vocational sector that include industry-based education. In his analysis presented on 1 August, Minister Hipkins rightly pointed out that the vocational sector in New Zealand today is overly complex and not attractive enough for neither students nor employers. His proposal to merge school-based and industry-based pathways under one monolith institution, however, not only fails to provide...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Vocational education and training; Qualifications; Pathways; Providers of education and training; Governance

Keywords: Education and training reform; Education and training system; Integrated training; Education work relationship; Dual system; Government role

Geographic subjects: New Zealand; Oceania; Austria; Denmark; Germany; Switzerland; Europe

Published: [Wellington, New Zealand]: The New Zealand Initiative, 2019

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Document number: TD/TNC 137.493

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