A unified system for all vocational education: reform of vocational education


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New Zealand Ministry of Education


This report outlines the major changes all stakeholders can expect as a result of New Zealand's vocational education reforms. Issues in the current system - including skills shortages, confusion in training processes, regional institute struggles and lack of industry input - are addressed as reasons for the new reforms. There are seven key changes highlighted: (1) emphasising industry involvement; (2) ensuring regional skills needs are met; (3) emphasising a stronger voice for Maori businesses; (4) the creation of a single national institute of vocational education, accessible through...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Governance; Policy; Providers of education and training; Vocational education and training

Keywords: Education and training reform; Planning of education and training; Education industry relationship; Educational policy

Geographic subjects: New Zealand; Oceania

Published: Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Ministry of Education, 2019

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Further information about the 'Reform of vocational education' is available at: https://conversation.education.govt.nz/conversations/reform-of-vocational-education/

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Document number: TD/TNC 137.985

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