Can big data save labor market information systems?

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Author: Johnson, Eric M.


Labor markets desperately need information to function effectively and efficiently, making labor market information systems critical public investments. Yet government systems face significant challenges in collecting quality data, turning it into useable market intelligence, and disseminating it in a timely, relevant manner, a situation more acute in developing countries. The rise of private, real-time labor market information (LMI), such as web-based job posting analytics, social network inferences, crowdsourcing, and mobile phone polling, has garnered interest and questioned the...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Labour market; Policy; Statistics

Keywords: Data collecting; Data analysis; Labour demand; Labour supply; Policy implications; Perception

Published: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: RTI Press, 2016

Physical description: 8 p.

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Series: RTI Press policy brief; no. PB-0010-1608

Resource type: Report

Call number: TD/TNC 137.953

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