Digital platform work in Australia: preliminary findings from a national survey


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Digital platforms such as Uber, Airtasker or Freelancer offer apps or websites that can connect potential workers with individuals or businesses looking to obtain services of various kinds on demand. Their use has generated intense debate about the potential impact of what is often now called the 'gig economy'. Yet there has been little data on the extent and impact of digital platform work in Australia. In late 2018, the Victorian Government engaged a team of university researchers to conduct a national survey that would address that gap. The objectives of the research were to explore...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Employment; Technology; Participation

Keywords: Gig economy; Survey; Perception; Casual employment; Contract labour; Working conditions; Employment pattern

Geographic subjects: Australia; Oceania

Published: [Melbourne, Victoria]: Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, 2019

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Resource type: Government report or paper

Document number: TD/TNC 136.822

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